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Transform email signatures into a powerful appointment scheduling and time management tool with Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up.

Don’t let things end with an email

With Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up, every email that your organization sends can become the beginning of a new meeting, demo, or opportunity.

Whether it is working more closely with customers, being more accessible to prospects, or collaborating efficiently with colleagues, Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up allows employees to share their availability and automatically accept new meeting requests – all from within their email signature. 


Include instant appointment booking in your professional email signatures.

Enable customers, prospects, or partners to select a meeting time that is mutually convenient.

Automatically connect with employees’ Outlook calendars to offer real-time availability.

Add new appointments to attendee calendars automatically.

Create branded booking pages with your company logo and branding.

Let employees define the days and times they are available for appointments.

Add Microsoft Teams meetings automatically or include a custom video/call link.

Use appointment booking where appropriate, configuring signature templates for specific groups or target recipients.

Why choose Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up?

Make communication easy

Improve business communications by turning corporate email signatures into a tool for simplifying the scheduling of meetings, product demonstrations, and more.  

Accelerate sales opportunities

Enable prospects to seamlessly book appointments with sales representatives, at times that suit them. This avoids uncertainty and long waits where opportunities can grow cold.

Enhance customer experience

Allow customers to schedule time with your employees with minimal hassle, so their questions and queries can be swiftly addressed. 

Avoid calendar chaos

Empower your employees to work more efficiently and ensure their availability is easily visible. New appointments are automatically added, preventing unnecessary time spent managing calendars. 

Give employees control

Decide which employees need to have appointment booking links in their email signatures and then let them directly control when they wish to be available for meetings.

Fact Sheet: Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up

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