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Centrally manage corporate email signatures, and transform email sign offs into their own marketing channel with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud.

It’s time to turn the end of every email into the beginning of a new opportunity

For years marketers have invested huge sums in targeting their audiences. All the while aware of the tiny response rates they can expect. But direct email always cuts through.

It’s the personal emails between the people in your business and your prospects, customers, and partners that are the most valuable, the most opened, the most read.

With Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud, you can finally take full advantage of the opportunity the real estate emails represent. 

The solution also transforms email signatures into a new digital advertising channel and does far more than just close out emails.  

Plus with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud, you’ll never have to ask your employees to update their company signature, or add a marketing banner, ever again.


Get all the benefits of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud, including:

Design and manage corporate email signatures using an intuitive drag-and-drop designer to easily create consistently branded signature templates.

Assign email signatures to certain groups or employees based on the needs of your organization.

Select multiple promotional banners for each email signature design, which can be rotated so important messaging remains ever-present.

Track the success of your email signature templates with an analytics dashboard containing important metrics such as impressions and clicks.

Target select audiences with varied signature templates based on the needs of your marketing efforts.

Schedule email signature marketing campaigns by using advanced options like applying templates during working hours or at specific monthly intervals.

Allow end users to update specific contact information such as gender pronouns and working hours.

Levy the unique Exclaimer Signature Equivalent Advertising Value™ metric to get a constant understanding of your return on investment.

Run marketing campaigns with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Take advantage of your email real estate

Engage your audience

Incorporate more ways to capture the attention of prospects, customers or partners in the emails your company sends with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud. Include social media icons, links to your blog or newsletter, and use Exclaimer Power Ups to add a 1-click survey or appointment booking link. 

Optimize your marketing campaigns

Include promotional banners in your email signature designs that share a key message or call to action, and measure your return on investment. Running more than one campaign? Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud lets you cycle through multiple banners as you see fit. 

Ensure a consistent look and feel

Guarantee that every email sent by your organization's employees meets your brand guidelines and never jeopardizes any legal compliance you must adhere to. 

Ready to get started?

Exclaimer transforms everyday emails into a valuable platform to drive sales and build stronger relationships.

Start a free 14-day trial today (no credit card information required!) or book a demo with one of our product specialists to find out more. 

A Strategic View on the Marketing Value of Email Signatures

An Exclaimer white paper that examines the total marketing value of email signatures as digital real estate and attempts to put a price on it.


Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud includes two analytics dashboards used to understand the effectiveness of your email signature strategy.  

Signature Usage Analytics Dashboard

Gain insights on how Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud is deployed across your organization’s email.

Signature Engagement Analytics Dashboard

This dashboard within Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud reveals important real-time metrics on the success of your email signature templates and campaigns like: 

Signature Usage Analytics Dashboard for Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Track total number of emails sent and the total with a signature applied gives you an accurate portrayal of the effectiveness of Exclaimer’s solution.

View mailboxes where no signature templates have been applied.

See the number of active signature templates and ones with older or forgotten designs.

Discover how your email signatures are applied and the split between internal and external templates.

Understand the total number of emails your organization sends per day and per hour.

Signature Engagement Analytics Dashboard for Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Discern total number of views to assess whether important messages are being seen.

Track whether your calls to action are working as intended using total number of clicks.

Trace historical trends to spot when a call to action should be updated.

Distinguish the performance of each template so you can drill into its effectiveness and spot underperforming designs.

See the top domains emailed to understand the organizations with whom you have the greatest reach.

Use the Exclaimer Signature Equivalent Advertising Value™ to maintain a constant assessment of the return on investment from Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud.

How much are your emails worth?

Use The Exclaimer Signature Equivalent Advertising Value™ Calculator to see how much the emails your company already sends are worth to you.

Discover the full product range

Find out more about our plans and power ups, our pricing, and request a personalized quote today.

Choose Exclaimer, plant a tree

Purchase an Exclaimer solution and we’ll plant a tree. It’s as simple as that.

We've partnered with Ecologi to help reforesting efforts around the world. This is our way of working to mitigate climate change, support wildlife recovery, and reduce CO2 levels.

See Terms and Conditions for more details.

Fact Sheet: Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

How Exclaimer works on your platform

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