Update Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition

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Version: 2.2.12

Release Date: 12/02/2020

Fixed the following problems:

  • Sent Items Update cache folder failed to update under some conditions.
  • ‘Convert plain-text to HTML’ feature encountered exception when signature must be attached to email.
  • Messages encrypted using GPG4WIN were not processed in some cases.
  • ‘Other User’s AD Field’ feature defaults to current user if no one is selected when the template is closed and reopened.
  • Incorrect header ‘From’ address is used under some circumstances.
  • Unsaved changes to a signature design are lost if the user navigates out of the designer without saving and runs ‘Policy Tester’.
  • Running ‘Policy Tester’ after cloning a number of policies throws exception and prevents Policy Tester from running.
  • Clicking in the white space beside ‘Conditions’ or ‘Exceptions’ clears all currently selected conditions/exceptions.
  • Regular expressions that cause excess memory usage at compilation can be overridden via Registry Key.

Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition - Release Notes