Key Features and Benefits: Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition

Create, design, deploy - Make an email signature template from scratch or use the extensive template library included within the software.

Provide multiple signatures for users - Allow everyone to manually choose which Outlook signature they want to use for every email.

Different signatures for different departments – Rules let you define which users get which signatures. Let the marketing team promote an upcoming event, while finance highlight your organization’s payment terms. You can even create different email signatures for new messages and replies.

Use one dedicated console - No local installs or Outlook Add-Ins required. Signature Manager Outlook Edition can be installed on one workstation to easily manage and distribute all organizational email signatures.

Use Active Directory data for 100% accuracy - Data from each user’s AD profile automatically populates their Outlook email signature, ensuring all details are correct.

Update signatures in a single click - Once a template is saved, all users get the correct email signature within Outlook.

Showcase your achievements - Add additional content to email signatures like corporate awards and business certifications.

Choose your Outlook set up

Award-winning quality - Signature Manager Outlook Edition has won multiple industry awards and is Microsoft Certified to work with Windows.

Accurate contact details in all Outlook signatures - The software detects if certain fields do not apply to some users so there are no blank fields in any email signature.

Set the size, colour and style of all email signature fonts - Ensure all users’ email signatures are complying with corporate guidelines on company branding with consistent signature fonts and formatting.

Test before you send - Want to see if all of your Outlook signature policies work correctly within Outlook? Use the graphical interface in the Policy Tester before deployment to decide who gets which signature.

Watch On-Demand: The Buyer's Guide to Email Signature Management Solutions

Microsoft MVP Nick Cavalancia provides insights on what to look for when choosing an email signature solution.

See all signatures in Outlook before sending emails

See email signatures in Outlook before sending

Many corporate email users like being able to see their email signatures before they send an external message. This is of particular relevance to a sales team who want to use email signatures for promotional purposes.

With dedicated Outlook signature software, when a user starts writing an email, the correct email signature is automatically added below their message as they type. All email signatures will also appear under the last email sent, rather than appear at the bottom of a message as they would via an Exchange server.

Use email signatures for marketing purposes

Promote important events, promotions and activities through your email signature - Let Signature Manager Outlook Edition help you promote events, sales promotions and activities. Create a campaign banner for your Outlook signatures that stays live for a set period of time and is automatically updated/removed when needed.

Add preconfigured social media elements - With the software’s ‘Social Media Strip’, a customizable strip of interactive social media icons, email signatures encourage recipients to connect with your organization for free. It also allows you to display your latest updates such as a blog post or current Tweet.

Insert QR (Quick Response) codes in all email signatures - Decide on the color and size, embed images, add a particular URL and personalize the contact details for each user.

Give marketing direct control over signature template design - With Exclaimer Template Editor, a marketing department can design professional signature templates without needing to access important IT resources such as an Exchange server.

Add additional content - like corporate awards and business certifications to help boost brand awareness.

Keep within legal boundaries

Ensure 100% compliance with email disclaimer laws throughout the world. Comply with email regulations, prevent disclosure of sensitive information or simply protect your organization against lawsuits by creating dynamic email disclaimers.

Trial and run the software in minutes

Simple to set up - Run Signature Manager Outlook Edition within minutes of the initial download with our first Policy Wizard.

Trial the software with full support - Want to try the software before purchasing? Signature Manager Outlook Edition is free to trial for 30 days with comprehensive support from our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs).

Download your new guide to using email signatures for promotions, social activities and brand management.


Accurate contact details in all Outlook email signatures.Set the size, color and style of all Outlook signature fonts.Test your Outlook signatures before you send.

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