Template Editor: Manage and Design Email Signature Templates

Create an email signature template using text, images and dynamic fields with dedicated Exchange signature software.

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Design email signature templates with static text, images, and dynamic fields for use in our Signature Manager and Auto Responder products with Exclaimer Template Editor. No import/export required as a marketing department can directly design signatures in your template library; when they save their changes, they’re instantly applied in the product.

  • Add dynamic fields for contact details, which are completed for each user automatically.
  • Add images, links and dynamic content. Display an RSS feed, social media links and more.
  • Add static text and control formatting: font size, typeface and colour.
  • Let Marketing directly design and edit signature templates using Template Editor.
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With Plug and Play Social Media and Dynamic Content

With Template Editor, you can just drop in a social media strip complete with the correct, official social network icons, ready to be linked to your profile or given the social network ‘web intent’ of your choice (like triggering a Twitter ‘Follow’).

  • Pre-configured social media strip with links for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
  • Use our ‘RSS Feed’ and ‘Content from File’ features to display content from recent Tweets, Statuses or other social feeds in your signature.
  • Add a banner image to promote events, sales and other campaigns, which automatically updates as soon as your campaign changes or ends.
  • Add dynamic fields to the URLs in your hyperlinks to generate personalized URLs and track clicks and traffic in Google Analytics.
  • Add an ‘address block’ pre-formatted with correct details and line breaks, even choose which regional format you’d like to use, such as ‘UK style’ for the UK format.
  • And add a ‘personal block’ pre-formatted with the main contact details that email users want to include (name, title, email address, etc.).
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Test and Preview Ahead of Deployment

Make sure everything’s displayed exactly as you designed it with Template Editor's ‘Preview’ feature.

  • See how dynamic fields will look when completed, using either our dummy data or data from real users in your organization.
  • See how dynamic content like your RSS feeds and campaign banners will appear. If they’re on a cycle to randomly/sequentially change, you can see that too.
  • See how different conditional fields will be applied: if content is only added under certain conditions (e.g. sender is in marketing), see how it looks for different users.
  • View the source HTML too in the ‘Source’ view, to make sure you’re happy with HTML tags and coding.

Download your new guide to using email signatures for promotions, social activities and brand management.

And Assistance From Our In-House Design Team

Talk to us if you need any help designing your template or adapting your brand for the email signature channel. We can:

  • Guide you through the set-up of all our signature and auto-reply products.
  • Tweak or advise on signature designs to make them more suitable.
  • Offer technical advice on setting up social media features, using certain HTML tags to ensure your design displays correctly in all clients and more.
  • Design the complete template for you, from start to finish, and with multiple versions for replies, new messages, etc.

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