Let Marketing Create, Edit and Manage Signature Templates

Give Marketing Design Control - No need to export and import, they save their changes in Template Editor and they’re instantly applied in the signature (or auto-reply) software.

Dynamic Fields - Add fields for contact details, all completed automatically for each user.

Images - Decide the location, size, hyperlink and ALT text of your image, even set it to be hidden under certain conditions. For example, hide a marketing campaign banner if the user isn’t in the marketing group.

Import and Export between Products - For use with Signature Manager Exchange Edition, Outlook Edition and our Auto Responder software.

Download your new guide to using email signatures for promotions, social activities and brand management.

With Plug and Play Social Media and Dynamic Content

Social Media Strip - With correct logos ready to be linked to your chosen social media profiles, the social media strip lets a user quickly and simply add social interactive links to their email signature.

Social Media Feeds - Take your most recent blog post and display it in your signature. Or the text of your most recent Tweet, with mentions and hashtags hyperlinked.

Campaign Banners - Promote an event or sale with a campaign banner in your signature, then stop displaying as soon as that event is over.

Conditional Fields - Add content only under certain conditions: like if the user is in a certain group, if the email is sent in a certain month, etc.

Address Blocks - Add an address block, pre-formatted with the necessary contact details in the right order, on the right line breaks.

Personal Blocks - Instead of individually selecting and placing fields for your name, job title and related details, just drop a personal block in with all the details you’ll need, already arranged in an HTML table.

With Total Reassurance and Support

Preview Design before Deployment - See how it will look when completed for different users. By default, we’ll show you how it looks with our test profile (‘Karen Green’), but you can use your actual users’ names and contact details to see how it will look for them.

See HTML Source Too - For more experienced HTML users, the ‘Source’ view will let them see the actual code that makes up the signature and edit it directly.

Let Us Design It for You - We can give you technical advice on how to make social media feeds work, which HTML tags to use and more. We can help adjust and adapt your signature to make it look more suitable in the context of an email.

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