These Exclaimer Template Editor screenshots showcase how this all-purpose signature editor lets your marketing department design professional email signatures, while keeping them away from complex and precious IT assets.

Create, edit, and manage email signature templates without having to access the Exchange server. Edit templates from any workstation in your organization. Use date-based rules to add a banner for an upcoming promotion or event, then automatically remove/update it where needed. Instantly apply changes within our Signature Manager software.

Let the marketing department control email signature design

Create a new email signature template

Template library locations of any Exclaimer products

Template Editor images with hyperlinks and Alt Text

Add dynamic content like a social media strip and RSS feed

Define the address details in Template Editor

Email signature personal block

Test email signature template policies

Add conditions to how the email signature template should be used

Template Editor HTML editor for email signatures

We believe that the best way to showcase our products is to try them yourself. The setup process is simple and you can uninstall the software at any time, safe in the knowledge that no unwanted code will be left on your machine.

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