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Exclaimer understand that email is your most important communications channel, so we build security into everything that we do, from the ground up with our software development life cycle to our platform and vulnerability management process.

Platform security

Exclaimer protects your data at every level on our state-of-the-art platform. From the moment you send your email it is encrypted in transit, and your user data is encrypted also – both using the latest and most secure protocols and cyphers.

We operate advanced Web Application Firewalls to keep your information safe and secure while we process it and our gateways are protected with both Intrusion Prevention and Detection, but also active DDoS protection.

For more information on our security approach see our Security in the Cloud White Paper.

Exclaimer security

Security by design

Security is at the very heart of our SDLC, DevSecOps engineers form part of the design and implementation of everything our Development Teams do.

We perform security scanning at every pull request, checking for OWASP top 10, bug reports and analysing for best practices.

For more information on our Development and Maintenance policy please see our Resource Center powered by Conveyor.

Vulnerability management

We understand that even the best system has vulnerabilities and the bad guys are constantly evolving so we have to be alert and active in our defence.

We partner with Security Scorecard to provide insight into our application's security in real-time, we are proud to be a member of their PerfectScorecarderClub as we consistently achieve and maintain an A rating.

Exclaimer also performs Penetration Tests at least annually – white and black box – in order to test our applications under the strictest possible circumstances to ensure that data remains secure at all times. We provide our full PenTest report in our Resource Center powered by Conveyor.

If you wish to disclose a vulnerability or please see our public VDP in collaboration with YesWeHack.


Simplify vendor review

Exclaimer are on a mission to simplify the vendor review process.

We also provide 30 policy documents and the answers to over 350+ questions in our Trust Portal.

You can also find our Cloud Security Alliance, Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) available here.

Meet our team

"Security and Reliability are the most important features a product can have, they are key to building trust with customers. Through a multi-layered system of automated, intelligent threat detection and protection tools we ensure that these two features are the cornerstones of our product"

Matt Hodge

Matt Hodge

Director Technical Operations

Our Partners

We partner with select organizations to help increase our security and trust.

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