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Ensure brand consistency

Your brand can be impacted by email signatures that are not centrally managed

Email signature design isn't given the attention it deserves, meaning that poorly designed signatures impact perceptions of the business. 

Emails are sent by employees that do not conform to corporate brand guidelines by including personal statements, inconsistent colors, incorrect job titles, etc.  

Although templates and guidelines are provided, employees often start to create their own versions, and ‘adapt’ email signature templates for their own purposes. 

The trust and confidence that should be associated with email communication isn’t established. 

As your branding changes and evolves, older email signatures end up sharing incorrect logos and out-of-date information. 

Opportunities are missed to enhance your brand’s public perception with awards and customer surveys as examples. 

A simple answer to a frustrating problem

Exclaimer's email signature software integrates with your existing Microsoft or Google email environment to reduce administration and ensure that email signature designs are always consistently branded and up-to-date.

And it’s not just brand consistency that matters; different departments or regions may need their own email signature templates. This makes a single centralized solution not just practical, but necessary.

Ensure brand consisteny with Exclaimer

Our email signature editor makes it simple to create the signatures you need. Or let our designers create the perfect signature for you.

Create specific signature templates for different groups or departments

Ensure email signatures appear consistent across every web-enabled device from mobile to desktop.

Deploy signature designs across your organization with a single click.

Guarantee precise brand consistency with logos, colors, and fonts used in every email signature design.

Do more with email signature designs

Managing email signatures with Exclaimer allows organizations to build on these core email signature management capabilities, transforming email signatures into a valuable marketing channel.

Now your email signatures can provide you with lots of opportunities to go beyond simple brand consistency. Opportunities such as inviting customers to an event, setting up a demo or booking a sales call.

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Read our case studies

See how our customers use our solutions to guarantee brand consistency on every email, across every device.

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South Yorkshire Housing Association

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The International AIDS Society 3 Exclaimer

The International AIDS Society

The International AIDS Society needed to make email signatures consistent across the entire organization. Exclaimer’s email signature management software was chosen.

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Everton Football Club 5 Exclaimer

Everton Football Club

Migrating to Office 365 left Everton Football Club without a way to manage their email signatures. This meant using Exclaimer’s email signature software.

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