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Email signatures are often underutilized in marketing campaigns

Email signatures are often underutilized and ignored for their potential as a communications channel. 

Marketing teams employ simple signature designs separate from their ever-evolving strategy as they are too difficult to update. 

Messaging in email signatures often isn’t tailored to a specific audience to achieve maximum effectiveness. 

Running time-specific marketing campaigns in email signatures is a chore, requiring manual updates every time the messaging needs updating. 

When running multiple marketing campaigns, it is difficult to keep messaging up to date and evergreen. 

Understanding the ROI of email signatures, the call to actions they include, and the time spent managing them can feel impossible.  

Rotating banners

Choose to rotate a selection of different banners within various email signature templates. For example, feature certain email banners for your sales teams and a different selection for your support teams. 

Run marketing campaigns in Exclaimer with rotating banners
Target specfic audience in email signature marketing campaigns

Precise audience targeting

Target specific audiences with different email signatures based on their email address. This is valuable for any organization running Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs. 

Time based targeting

Schedule a variety of different email signature templates to run at specific times periods based on the needs of your business and customers. 

Schedule email signature marketing campaigns with Exclaimer
Track the success of your email signature marketing campaigns

Full campaign tracking

Track the success of your email signature marketing campaigns and templates with an analytics dashboard containing important metrics such as impressions and clicks. 

Understand the strategic value of your email signatures

With high open and engagement rates, personal emails offer important real-estate for marketers to place messaging, promotions, and more. Now with the Exclaimer Signature Equivalent Advertising Value™ (EAV) tool, you can measure this value in real media terms. 

Read more about how this proprietary measurement is calculated in our whitepaper.

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