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Personalization: How to build engagement in an impersonal world

Marketers are working harder than ever to acquire new customers and engage the ones they have. But establishing relationships and personalizing marketing is becoming more challenging.

Targeting and personalization have become more challenging as privacy concerns take center stage. And budgets must keep up with ever-growing media spends, meaning doing much more with less.

In this session, Carol Howley, CMO at Exclaimer, and Ailsa Bates, Exclaimer's Director of Content & Brand, explore how marketers need to pivot towards being more authentic and how utilizing every channel you own in a coordinated way can support both demand generation and building long-term relationships.

They will discuss:

Creating a strategy to write your B2B success story

Why the best-kept marketing secret is engagement

How business email is an untapped opportunity for personalization and engagement

You’ll also have the opportunity to get your questions answered by Carol and Ailsa at the end of the session.

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Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Time: 16:00 GMT | 11:00 EST 

Duration: 1 hour

About Carol

Carol Howley

Carol is the CMO at Exclaimer, an email signature software platform. She is a senior leader backed by over 15 years in the digital and technology space for established businesses and start-ups. Coming from a background in product marketing, brand development, and demand generation, Carol is hugely passionate about building strategy, storytelling, bringing products to life for consumers, and driving growth.

From building the first intelligent customer journeys at a global hotel brand, taking the first chatbot and Alexa skill to market, to scaling the business marketing function from zero to hero for a tech unicorn, Carol has a proven track record in engaging with the business, developing key stakeholder relationships, managing budgets and leading teams to realize their potential.

About Ailsa


Ailsa Bates joined Exclaimer in January 2023 as Director of Content & Brand. With a wealth of marketing experience behind her, Ailsa has deep expertise in content creation, SEO and disseminating content across multiple channels including email, social media and websites. From written copy through to video, PR and events, Ailsa believes content takes many forms and knows how to take advantage of multiple formats.

Prior to joining Exclaimer Ailsa worked at FreeAgent, a leading accounting software provider, as Head of Content & Awareness.

In her earlier career, she was a successful Marketing Consultant, a Marketing Director at Tailwind Solutions Ltd and co-founder of Outerlight Ltd, a computer games development company.

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