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Any email that reaches someone who is not part of your company gives an immediate representation of what you stand for.

Having an email signature accompanied by your company logo and contact details makes you look legitimate as a corporate organization and helps to build brand recognition among your contacts. Therefore, it is important that you achieve email signature uniformity across your company, something that often gets forgotten about in the grand scheme of things.

When it comes to managing Office 365 email signatures, there are a couple of methods available to let you achieve such uniformity. You can either use the built-in methods of Microsoft 365 or choose a third-party solution like Exclaimer's. But how do you decide which is best for you?

Written by J.Peter Bruzzese, renowned Microsoft MVP, Conversational Microsoft 365 Email Signatures looks into the importance of uniform email signatures, the challenges you can run into when managing Office 365 email signatures, and how Exclaimer makes this process much easier.

About J. Peter Bruzzese

Microsoft MVP J. Peter Bruzzese

J. Peter, an eight-time Microsoft MVP awardee (Exchange/Microsoft 365), is an internationally recognized journalist, published author, and speaker.

He is co-founder of both Conversational Geek and ClipTraining. Follow him on Twitter @JPBruzzese.

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