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So, you need an email signature solution – one that not only automates the process of deploying signatures, but also simplifies their creation. If you’re fortunate, it will even go as far as to actually empower email signatures to be a tool that enhances customer relations, increases prospect engagement, and improves corporate communications. 

In this Buyer's Guide, Microsoft MVP Nick Cavalancia covers the capabilities found in today's email signature solutions and provides worksheets that will help you determine which of the solutions on your shortlist are right for your organization. 

About Nick Cavalancia 

Nick Cavalancia has over 25 years of enterprise IT experience, is an accomplished consultant, speaker, trainer, writer, and columnist, and has achieved industry certifications including MCSE, MCT, Master CNE and Master CNI.

Follow Nick on Twitter @nickcavalancia, @Techvangelism, or @ConvGeek. 

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