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Why business email has a key role in omnichannel marketing

We only need to look at the numbers to know that business email is still a heavy hitter in the world of corporate communications.

Tech research firm Radicati calculated that business emails sent and received during 2022 exceeded 128 billion every day. That’s a 3% increase on the previous year. And a figure that’s estimated to keep rising.

But where exactly does business email fit into omnichannel marketing? McKinsey & Company describes omnichannel marketing as “a customer-centric approach in which all channels are integrated so the customer has a unified and consistent experience”.

Let’s focus on the words ‘all channels’. Because business email is often the forgotten marketing channel. Yet if you’re not considering business email in your omnichannel marketing strategy, you’re not delivering a true omnichannel experience for your customers. And this means including professional email signatures on every message you send.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 great reasons to include business email as part of your omnichannel marketing strategy:

1. Business email still leads the pack for corporate communication

Gen Z, or people born after 1997, may routinely use real-time communication apps and messaging services to find and share information. But email still dominates for communicating professionally with customers, prospects and suppliers, thus making a professional email signature essential.

More than half the world’s population uses email. No other communication channel comes close to being as widespread or universally familiar.

And email is an integral part of daily life. While there’s a clear need for organizations to offer a seamless mix of communication channels, business email should be at the heart of any successful omnichannel marketing strategy.

Business email is the top performer in omnichannel marketing

2. Business email trumps consumer email as a marketing channel

For starters, there’s already an established relationship with the business email recipient. Whether that’s a customer, a prospect or even a supplier. They’re usually expecting the email, and so you’ll more than likely clear that first hurdle of getting the email opened by them.

By contrast, 21.5% is considered the average marketing email open rate. Not bad, but it doesn’t compare with getting your message in front of almost every person you send it to.

What’s more, business emails aren’t subject to the same privacy laws as consumer emails. So, no more opt-outs or spam filters to worry about. You then use business email signatures to get your marketing messages in front of everyone. Perfect for omnichannel marketing.

3. Email is the highest ROI marketing channel

When it comes to consumer emails, it’s actually considered the highest ROI of all the marketing channels with an average return of $36 for every $1 spent.

Now think about what ROI you could reap when you have the open rate of a business email. That’s the magic of adding business emails with corporate email signatures to the omnichannel marketing mix.

With Exclaimer, your business email signature banners can be measured and adjusted to improve your return on investment.

Business email provides great ROI

4. Email is your back-up when technology fails

Email is also an essential safety net in any robust and integrated omnichannel marketing strategy.

When connections drop and chat apps freeze, emails keep the conversation going, allowing issues to be resolved and purchases to be completed.

5. Business emails are a hidden marketing channel and a potential goldmine

But with billions of emails landing every day, it’s not enough that your emails are welcome and timely. Your messages need to work hard to create maximum impact. This means absolute brand and message consistency.

With your business email signature, you can reinforce key brand positioning, amplify current promotional activities, deliver targeted marketing messages, and gather important customer data. All of this will help improve the performance of every channel in your omnichannel marketing strategy.

By setting up a consistent presence across various platforms, powered by a well-planned and tested business email signature strategy, your customers will learn to rely on you to deliver the best service, exactly how and when they want them.

Use business email for targeted omnichannel marketing opps

Supercharge your business emails with Exclaimer

If you want to start enhancing the power of your business communications, turn to professional email signature management. Our award-winning email signature software is trusted by over 50,000 customers worldwide. It’s designed to turn all personal interactions between your company and your audiences into valuable marketing opportunities.

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