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How to Avoid Using Poor Mobile Email Signatures

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Avoid poor mobile email signatures

According to a report by eMailmonday, mobiles account for at least 50% of all email opens worldwide, with more email than ever before now being read on mobiles over desktop email clients. With the number of smartphones now over 7 billion worldwide, mobile devices play an intrinsic part of our lives.

However, mobile email signatures are still an afterthought to many companies, with employees having too much control over how they sign off emails. This lack of control can have very serious business consequences if not managed correctly.

That’s why truly successful companies don’t leave their brand in the hands of individual members of staff. They take complete control over this channel and enforce corporate signatures that all employees have to use.

Let’s take a look at the most common issues that occur around mobile email signatures and how successful companies get around them:


1. Don't tell people what type of device you have

The iPhone has been around since 2007 and smartphones are no longer a novelty. What was once a clever marketing tactic by Apple is not important in the 2020s. Most people use a smartphone, so you won’t find anyone that’s impressed by an email saying, “Sent from my iPhone.”

An effective mobile email signature needs to reflect your company, not the device you're sending from. That’s why all employees need to use the same signature design on mobiles as they do on desktops.

2. Don't use “Please excuse any typos” as an actual excuse

Imagine if someone sent you an email with a signature saying “Sent from my PC. Excuse any typos.” You wouldn’t be impressed. So why would you say it in a mobile email signature?

A business email is professional correspondence; it’s not a text message. Saying there may be typos in your email through a signature doesn’t excuse poor grammar and punctuation.

If you’re telling people there may be typos in your message, you’ll sow doubts in their mind. They might start to question the email message itself. They might not agree with financial figures you’ve sent over. They might disagree with your sales quote.

That’s why you need to standardize mobile email signature templates. These don’t draw attention to any mistakes that might appear in an email. Instead, the signature shows how professional your company is and only the best work for it.

3. Don't try to be funny

Your sense of humor might make your colleagues laugh. But we bet your antics aren’t company policy. Using “Sent from my toaster” or “Sent by carrier pigeon via Skynet on a typewriter” as a mobile email signature is not appropriate for business communications.

This is why you don’t give staff the option of adding their own mobile email signatures. They enforce a company template across the board. This means that even if an employee decides to add their own statement, it is automatically removed after their email is sent.

4. Don't use personal quotes

We all have different opinions and beliefs. Just because you passionately believe something, it doesn’t mean others share them. This is why personal quotes should not be used in a mobile email signature.

No company wants to suffer reputational damage because an employee is promoting a certain political party or religious beliefs in their signature. Personal quotes are distracting, cause clutter, and are inappropriate for business communications. It doesn’t matter if the email was sent from a mobile: the quote can still be in bad taste and have a very negative impact on a brand’s reputation.

5. Don't add too many contact details

If a person is checking their emails on a mobile, they don’t have time to read lines and lines of text. The average person spends less time reading an email on a mobile than on a desktop device.

If a recipient wants to contact you off the back of an email, you want to make it easy for them to do so quickly. Therefore, having too many contact details in your signature template can make it difficult and confusing to do so.

The best mobile email signatures keep contact information to a minimum, making it easy for recipients to get in contact. These elements include:

  • An employee’s full name (not first name or nickname)
  • Job title
  • Phone number
  • Email address (yes you should include this no matter what anyone else says)

Controlling mobile email signatures

It is in your company’s best interest that the email signatures set for your company look great across all devices. With Exclaimer, you can ensure all mobile devices that send email will have full HTML signatures. These will maintain your professional image wherever the message has been sent from.

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