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Introducing the new Exclaimer for Google Workspace

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new email signature solution for Google Workspace (G Suite). This latest release gives organizations using Google Workspace the same enhanced management features Exclaimer currently offers Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and Microsoft Exchange users.

The challenge

With more than seven million paying customers worldwide, the number of organizations using Google Workspace is rising rapidly as more businesses shift to remote and hybrid working models. But managing email signatures in Google Workspace is not particularly easy, especially for businesses with more than ten employees. Today’s businesses need advanced functionality to maintain a consistent look and feel on every email sent. And at a time when IT departments want more automation and to increase efficiencies, updating email signatures manually is just too time-consuming.

It is possible to create a company-wide email signature from the Google Admin console. You can use either the Gmail client settings or the ‘Append Footer’ feature. And to a certain extent, this works. However, when it comes to controlling email signatures across an organization, it’s not reliable.

Issues include:

  • Contact details can’t be taken from Google Directory.
  • Only one template can be used companywide, with no variations for departments or individuals.
  • Signatures are only applied at the bottom of an email chain.
  • HTML code must be under 10,000 characters.
  • Users can still add a different signature in Gmail using the ‘Canned Responses’ feature.

The problem here is the lack of centralized control. When the aim is to make sure everyone has the same email signature and to be able to update signatures regularly to reflect business needs, the native Google Workspace functionality isn’t fit for purpose. And no IT admin wants to spend too long updating email signatures. This is where Exclaimer for Google Workspace comes in.

Choosing Exclaimer

Exclaimer is the world’s leading provider of email signature management software. A trusted cloud service provider, we’ve been developing email signature software for over 20 years. At a time when security is a top priority for new software purchases, particularly for email, Exclaimer offers an innovative Google Workspace solution that is ISO and SOC 2 compliant. We’re also a certified Google Cloud Technology Partner, so we know all about creating solutions for Google.

With Exclaimer, all email signatures are managed via one web portal, eliminating the need for manual updates by IT and simplifying the design process. All signature updates are automatic, guaranteeing everyone in the organization has the same consistent design for their signature.

In fact, it’s so easy to update email signatures, anyone can create a template using the drag-and-drop design interface. You can grant any user access, assigning them ‘editor’ or ‘admin’ permissions.

Contact information is taken from your Google Directory, and end users can’t change the template at an individual level. Everyone gets their assigned signature template when sending emails from any device. So, the signature is correct whether it’s sent from desktop PCs, Macs, or mobile devices.

Increasing engagement and boosting growth

Once you have central control, you can easily deliver consistent branding and accurate contact information. But email can do so much more. You can turn corporate email into a trusted and engaging communication channel. One that is cost-effective and an efficient way to boost company growth.

Using email signature marketing, you can run targeted campaigns to create a true omnichannel experience, offer tailored content in specific email conversations, run time-limited offers aimed at customers and use 1-click surveys to get instant feedback. All in a way that’s easy to implement, measure, and optimize.

Get started today

If you’re on Google Workspace and want to ensure brand consistency, accurate contact details, legal compliance, and use business email as a personalized marketing channel, you need Exclaimer email signature software.

Sign up for a free trial or book an online demonstration today.

Your new email signature experience is only a few clicks away! Start your free trial or book a demo today.

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