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‘Tis The Season: Why You Should Use Christmas Email Signatures

Email signatures are essential in every business email and can be particularly effective during seasonal periods like Christmas. So, with the holiday season right around the corner, why not add a festive feel to every message you send by using a Christmas-themed email signature?

In this blog post, we look at why it pays to use Christmas email signatures during the holiday period and the benefits they can bring your business.

Switching up seasonal email signatures adds variety and interest

Keeping the same email signature all year round is a missed opportunity to freshen things up and draw attention. A good email signature management practice is to keep a calendar during the year where you can plan future changes in email signature design and content.

This could relate to other events beyond Christmas, including:

  • Seasonal changes, e.g. spring, summer, etc.
  • Popular global events, e.g., Olympic Games, Pride, etc.
  • Other significant celebrations and holidays, e.g., New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.
Christmas email signature - Santa hat

Christmas signatures spread good wishes

Christmas is a positive and widely embraced time of year, synonymous with togetherness with loved ones, feasting, and giving gifts. So just by marking the season with a Christmas email signature, you’re helping spread some of that positivity and joy.

Christmas also comes right at the end of the year, and – in the northern hemisphere at least – when it’s typically darker and colder. This creates a valuable opportunity to extend these sentiments to people who don’t usually observe Christmas for cultural or religious reasons.

If this is particularly sensitive, you can opt to refer to ‘happy holidays’ or some other more generic term as a way of being more inclusive. Or do as many businesses do and mark Eid, Hanukkah, Diwali, and other festivals equally or as appropriate among your audience.

Using Christmas email signatures

Use Christmas email signatures to position seasonal offers and content

Christmas email signatures are a great marketing channel for communicating seasonal discounts, special offers, promotions, and other calls to action. Almost all business emails are opened and read, guaranteeing that you’ll cut through and get your message across. This is when you compare them to other digital marketing channels like social media posts, PPC advertising, and email blasts to a marketing database – and generate more clicks.

You can even tailor specific Christmas banners to appear in signature templates from defined senders or sender groups or to specified recipients or recipient types.

Promoting Christmas in email signatures

Tell ‘your Christmas story’ inside your email signatures

Over and above offers and promotions, consider what else customers and recipients need to know about your business during Christmas. It could be your Christmas opening hours or details about a special event. All can be easily accommodated with a Christmas signature template.

Underline your values as a consistent part of the overall brand experience

Another consideration is whether your business is using other ways of marking the holiday season. If so, the potential damage you risk doing to your brand if Christmas email signatures aren’t aligned. So if you’re prepping new Christmas offers, running a seasonal ad campaign, or sprucing up your e-commerce site with a seasonal vibe – remember that email signatures should be part of the same omnichannel brand experience and not left behind!

Email signatures are a great brand tool that can also help communicate brand values. For example, embedding feedback buttons to show that you’re always listening or sharing any special charity fundraising initiatives your staff is planning for Christmas.

Communicate with a Christmas email signature

For more tips on getting the most out of your email signature during the festive season, check out The Top 10 Festive Christmas Email Signature Tips.

Using your Christmas email signature templates effectively

Whatever their size, organizations worldwide will be marking Christmas with colleagues, customers, partners, and other stakeholders somehow. Leading with email signatures is a great way to do this professionally and consistently – harnessing a capability you already have to share trusted communications with your high-value contacts.

However, centrally managing all of your Christmas email signatures is vital. Doing this prevents well-meaning employees from‘ going rogue’ and freestyling their unsanctioned email signature templates that look unprofessional or strike the wrong tone.

With Exclaimer's email signature software, your Christmas email signatures will be:

  • Easy to design
  • Fast to deploy
  • Scalable to thousands of email users at the touch of a button
  • Simple to manage, track and report against as discrete campaigns, segmented for different users and departments
Creating Christmas email signatures

Make managing Christmas email signatures easy, and learn more about the benefits of deploying Exclaimer throughout your organization. Or try Exclaimer by signing up for a free trial and see how easy it is to utilize smarter seasonal email signatures.


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