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Geveko Markings needed a solution to manage Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) signatures for users’ based in multiple locations. See why it chose Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.

About Geveko Markings

With over 80 years of experience, Geveko Markings is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of materials for road markings, line markings, and horizontal decoration in the world.

Its markings safeguard communities, guide people to their destination, and transform surfaces into beautiful, colorful and playful environments.The company has a full range of products including cold plastic, thermoplastic, water borne paint, preformed thermoplastic, and tactile markings.

Getting email signatures on mobile devices

For companies that have multiple office locations or a travelling workforce, being able to control email signatures for all users in one central location is essential. Geveko Markings has multiple offices and production plants located around the world, with sales representatives in 19 countries, making it difficult to manually control Office 365 signatures.

“We needed a solution that would allow us to maintain email signatures daily, which would ensure users who work remotely or send emails on mobiles have signatures applied,” said Torben Andersen, Group IT Manager at Geveko Markings. “We also needed to add promotional banners to our signatures for competitions and exhibitions we attend for each regional office.”

Choosing Exclaimer

Mr Andersen began looking for a Office 365 signature management solution by, asking for recommendations from his corporate network meaning he came across Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.

“We had recently migrated to Office 365 and needed a solution that would apply signatures from Outlook onto mobiles,” said Mr Andersen. “We chose Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud as it was easy to create and maintain signatures for all users, and made sure employees using laptops or mobiles had a signature added to their emails.”

A smooth setup

“The deployment of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud went really smoothly," concluded Mr Andersen. "Exclaimer also helped us create the email signature we had designed; the Exclaimer Template Team were very helpful and quick. Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud ensures an email signature is applied no matter what device you’re using. It has a simple web interface and it’s very straightforward to use.”



Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud


Simplify Email Signature Management
Ensure Brand Consistency
Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Torben Andersen Group IT Manager

The challenge
  • Too difficult to manually control email signatures due to staff in multiple countries
  • Not able to get HTML signatures on mobile devices
The solution
  • Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud was chosen to centrally control signatures across all devices
  • Support from the Exclaimer Template team to design a uniform email signature template
The benefits
  • Everyone has a consistent email signature template wherever they are based
  • Signatures look the same across all devices from laptops to mobiles

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