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The Movember Foundation chooses Exclaimer to centrally manage its Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) email signatures so it could move away from Transport Rules.

About The Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation, commonly known as Movember, is a leading charity that focuses on tackling men’s health on a global scale. It has one goal: to stop men dying too young. By 2030, it will reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%.

The Foundation funds game-changing men’s health projects. Millions have joined the movement, allowing it to fund over 1,200 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. In addition, its Awareness and Education program is encouraging men to become more aware of their health, to talk about the big stuff in life, and take action when health issues arise.

Manual email signature issues

In the modern business world, an organization is expected to have a professional email signature that has brand consistency, a compliant legal disclaimer, dynamic marketing content, and will work across multiple web-enabled devices. However, IT departments often find the implementation of Office 365 Transport Rules for email signature management problematic, especially when more than one rule is required.

“We had tried to manage our Office 365 signatures using Transport Rules and we found them to be an absolute nightmare,” stated a representative of The Movember Foundation. “It was too difficult to ensure each office location had a consistent signature template that accurately reflected the Movember brand. At the same time, we needed to stop our users from doing whatever they wanted with the signature they were given. Our brand is incredibly important to our reputation and we couldn’t have it be affected by inconsistent email signature designs.”

Making Office 365 signatures manageable

Exclaimer was chosen by the Movember Foundation to centrally manage its Office 365 signatures so it could move away from Transport Rules.

In the end, Movember decided that the best course of action was to look at a Office 365 email signature management solution. “We were familiar with Exclaimer from the days of using on-premises Exchange servers,” the Movember Foundation representative said. “Once we found out that it had released a solution for Office 365, we were keen on trying it to see if it would meet our requirements. Again, with so many different offices around the world, we were pretty adamant we had to move away from Transport Rules, so Exclaimer looked like it could be the answer we were looking for.”

“Once we had signed up to a free trial, it was just a question of testing how the service worked and seeing if it really could deliver centrally managed Office 365 signatures for everyone. Thankfully, we had no issues and we were able to get the service running really quickly. It ended up working exactly the way we wanted it to and was really simple-to-use.”

A more user-friendly experience

Once the free trial of Exclaimer had expired, Movember decided to continue using the service as it was simple to use. “The product works really well and has solved the headache of managing and trying to maintain consistent email signatures. We can now deliver centrally managed Office 365 signatures without having to rely on Transport Rules, which now ensures that users always have on-brand signatures. The process of getting Exclaimer implemented and operational was very straightforward, with Exclaimer able to provide the support and assistance that made the process seem effortless.”



Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud


Simplify Email Signature Management
Ensure Brand Consistency

The stated product name was correct at time of writing. All products are now referred to as Exclaimer.

The Movember Foundation

The challenge
  • Manually having to implement signatures on a global scale using Transport Rules
  • Inconsistent branding on employee signatures in multiple offices
  • Employees would not use the signature template they were given
The solution
  • Implementation of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud
  • Full implementation across all global offices following successful trial period
The benefits
  • Centrally managed email signatures that don’t require Transport Rules
  • Consistent branding on all email communications

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