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CEO Email Signatures (With Examples)

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As a CEO or senior executive, you are the most important representative of your company. When you think of the largest companies in the world, you automatically think of CEOs like Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and Satya Nadella.

CEOs are the public face of a company and so have to exude professionalism in everything they do. This needs to be carried over into the way you present yourself over email. This is why you need to include a corporate CEO email signature on all messages you send.

The perfect CEO email signature provides necessary contact details in a well-designed, informative, and professional design. It then becomes an essential part of all email communications while building trust in your company.

What should you include in a CEO email signature?

The best CEO email signature templates include the following information:

1. Your personal information

  • Full name – you may also want to include your middle initial if it is appropriate
  • Job title, e.g. CEO, COO, Founder, Managing Director, Head of Sales, etc.
  • Phone number – your direct dial or to your PA/executive assistant

2. Your company’s details

This should include the company’s full legal name and registered address.

3. Corporate logo

Every email you send needs to be professionally branded. Including your corporate logo in your CEO email signature achieves this while also promoting instant brand recognition over business email.

4. Professional photo

As a CEO or senior executive, you represent your company at the highest level. This means people will often want to know what you look like. Using a professional headshot photo in your email signature is a great way to personalize your messages and increase overall open rates.

However, make sure that you use an appropriate photo. Don’t include one where you come across as unprofessional.

5. Social media icons

As a senior leader, you want to actively promote your company’s social media profiles. A professional email signature is the perfect place to do this. It’s often appropriate to also include a link to your personal LinkedIn profile. This makes it easier for people to connect with you.

6. Clear call-to-actions (CTAs)

It’s never advisable to include too many links in your email signature. It will just look messy and chaotic. Instead, have one or two clear CTAs by using display banners or buttons. This could be to promote your company to new business prospects, provide important news to current contacts, or simply as part of a wider email signature marketing campaign.

If your organization uses an email signature solution, then you can use multiple email signature templates for different purposes. These can all have different CTAs based on the nature of the email conversation, allowing for more precise targeting and segmentation.

7. Calendar link

Make it easy for people to book appointments with you and see how busy your calendar is by including a simple meeting link in your email signature template. This makes it easier for people to reach you, particularly if you are used to sending and receiving a lot of emails every day.

What to avoid using in your CEO email signature

1. Including an inspirational quote

You might be a huge fan of a certain quote. You might think that the quote sums you up as a leader and therefore should be shown to everyone. However, your sensibilities might not align with everyone.

Political and religious quotes in particular are often quite contentious and can easily upset people. It is best to just avoid using a quote altogether unless you are certain that it’s not controversial.

2. Linking to personal social media accounts other than LinkedIn

Remember that you are a leader. You don’t want people to see your holiday photos on Facebook. Therefore, you shouldn’t have links to your personal social media profiles in your email signature. Remember that this is corporate email so treat it as such.

Examples of CEO email signatures

Take a look at some CEO and executive email signature templates we’ve designed below. These should provide the inspiration you can use when creating your own email signature designs.

CEO email signature example
Founder email signature example
Email signature for CEOs example
Email signature for company founders example

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