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Compare Office 365 with Exclaimer

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Choose Exclaimer for Office 365 signature management

There are many pain points that IT administrators deal with when it comes to managing Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) signatures.

  • Office 365 signature updates are time consuming and boring.
  • HTML email signature designs have to be manually added into the Office 365 disclaimer editor.
  • Blank spaces can appear in contact information depending on the Active Directory data used.
  • No way to place Office 365 signatures under replies or create separate reply signatures.
  • Getting users to use uniform email signature templates on outgoing messages is next to impossible.
  • Have to create lots of Transport Rules for different departmental signatures.
  • HTML email signatures on mobile devices and Macs aren’t possible.
  • Email signature designs can’t be tested before they are deployed to users.
  • Images can’t be embedded directly into signatures – have to be hosted elsewhere.

Let’s compare managing email signatures just using Office 365 Transport Rules and how it differs from Exclaimer.

Email signatures on ALL devices

Did you know over 50% of emails are now sent from mobile devices? With the increase in organizations offering a BYOD policy, it’s essential to use a solution that offers the ability to append signatures to emails sent from mobile devices.

With Exclaimer, all Office 365 users get full HTML email signatures on emails sent from any device, including Macs and mobiles. You also have the ability to deploy signatures to Outlook before send, so users can see and choose their email signature.

Get Office 365 signatures on all devices with Exclaimer

Drag-and-drop signature editor

Exclaimer comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop signature editor, so you no longer have to worry about coding HTML. Create dynamic signatures, easily add promotional banners, user photos or social media icons and see instant updates.

The editor is so easy to use, you don’t have to be an IT expert to use it! You can hand the reins to your Marketing department to create professional, branded signatures.

Advanced user management

You also have the option to give multiple people access to Exclaimer, and with our advanced user management feature, you can easily assign admin or editor roles and they don’t have to be an Office 365 administrator to use it!

The most secure Office 365 signature solution

Exclaimer was the first Office 365 email signature solution to be accredited with the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification for Information Security Management. This means it is the most secure solution available.

Nothing to install

Exclaimer does not require any installations or downloads; email signatures are created and managed via a web portal which can be accessed from anywhere. This makes managing signatures much simpler, as you’re not restricted to one device.

Exclaimer Office 365
Allows entry of HTML
Allows entry of Plain Text
Include Office 365 / Azure Active Directory details
Set a signature to apply based on the recipient's domain
Automatically apply specific signatures using subject line trigger
Easy-to-use signature editor (doesn’t require specific formatting knowledge)
Embedded images on emails when sent from any device
Assign signatures by group without additional rules
Add signature under most recent reply
Separate signature for new messages and replies/forwards
HTML signatures on mobiles & Macs
Hide contact sections with blank attributes
Preview signature while editing
Add user photo in signature
Give editor or admin permissions to users
Group signatures into folders for easy management
Share access with non-technical users
Restrict editing of signatures to certain users
Apply signature based on time and date
See signatures in Sent Items folder
See signatures while composing an email in Outlook
Works with Outlook Web signatures (OWA)
Simplify branding on internal mail automatically
Test the signature before setting it live
Automatic updates/upgrades
Can display personalized contact details in any font
Not dependent on email client
Supports Multi-Factor Authentication

Choose the best way to manage Office 365 signatures

Companies all over the world are choose Exclaimer for total control over Office 365 signatures. When it comes to the creation distribution and management of professional Office 365 email signatures, you won’t find anything better.

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