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5 top tips for driving growth through personalization

Delivering relevant and personalized marketing is becoming increasingly complex. Yet at the same time, customer expectations are growing exponentially. Theyre more aware than ever of how their data is being used, presenting a huge challenge in personalizing marketing and balancing data privacy. This is only going to get tougher in the years ahead. 

As explained by McKinsey & Company’s Next in Personalization 2021 Report, companies nailing personalization generate faster rates of revenue growth compared to their peers.

Our CMO, Carol Howley, recently presented a webinar on how to build customer engagement through personalization. She explained how, in 2023, companies must strategically focus on personalized marketing to support both demand generation and building long-term relationships.

You can watch the full webinar on demand here. In the meantime, check out our 5 key takeaways on how successful companies approach personalization:

1. They put the customers at the heart of their business

Customers must be the focus of every department. This ensures the product and experience live up to the expectations and promises made by the organization.

Companies that truly put customers at the heart of what they do focus on a business-wide objective to drive engagement. That’s why it’s essential to set up cross-departmental working groups, so you can see all business activities and whether they are all in alignment.

Carol explained:

At Exclaimer, we work to map our funnels, to see trends, to learn what’s working and what’s not working. This way, we’re always improving and able to connect experiences.

People today see through brands that don’t deliver and quickly turn away from bad experiences. So, you can’t just measure engagement through your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and not focus on customer experience. One top tip is to check review sites to gauge customer sentiment over time.

Personalization puts customers at the heart of the business

2. They lean into data and analytics to identify opportunities

Analyzing data in marketing is something you’ve probably heard about a million times over. And for good reason.

Right now, prioritizing investments in data and insights within marketing is critical to making your business nimble and resilient to rapid changes.

All the power’s now in the hands of the consumer. With data privacy, the focus has completely shifted. You must update your strategies to share only relevant ads at the right stage of the buyer journey. The ability to measure ROI, optimize campaigns, and use predictive models are key to unlocking the power of data.

3. They scale the right performance marketing for their own business

How do you know what’s the right performance marketing for you? Well, that depends on what stage of business growth you’re at, your product, your audience, and what category you’re in. It’s a lot to think about.

Carol noted:

As a scale-up, performance marketing is hugely important for Exclaimer. We’re B2B, so we obviously sway more towards channels like Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. But there are so many other social media and advertising options.”

So how do you know which channels are right for you? By testing, measuring, and optimizing constantly. But it’s equally important to be consistent in your messaging across all channels. So, carefully choose the right tactics for your brand, your business growth stage, and company readiness.

Personalization means choosing the right performance marketing

4. They build a value-driven content engine to strengthen their brand

Content is an area that can drive amazing results and is hugely important. In a recent ‘State of Demand Generation’ video, Chris Walker from Refine Labs spoke about how fundamental content was to business growth.

He said:

I’m not thinking of any individual post, about how it drove a lead…It’s not part of my thought process when I post something. I think that’s why I’m able to be generous, why I’m able to write things that help people.”

In the end, performance marketing peaks, no longer driving effective results. This opens up the opportunity for all businesses to build a strong brand through an even stronger content strategy. Great content educates, inspires, and helps people solve problems. So, have a clear point of view so you’re able to add true value for your audiences.

5. They diversify their channel mix early to drive growth

It’s hugely important to diversify your channel mix early so you don’t become dependent on just one. You need to layer all marketing activities together, so they complement each other and work together.

Often when a marketing department is really busy, it takes something that appears to work and just keep using it. They then end up in a 'hamster wheel' where they’re constantly focusing on just one or two areas. But this is not sustainable, particularly when it comes to data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

When speaking about diversifying the channel mix, Carol said:

As I mentioned, eventually performance marketing does plateau, so you need to invest in building a brand, and the other channels, so you can deal with this…There’s a huge untapped opportunity in every business, every element of communication – customers, clients, recommendations, your own staff.

This also means optimizing every owned channel that you have. So leverage opportunities from every message you send, every interaction you have, and everyone you speak to.

Diversify your channel mix for personalization

Take advantage of an untapped personalization opportunity

Don’t forget that there’s huge opportunity in the business emails we all send. When used intelligently, every corporate email your company sends becomes a powerful engagement platform for personalized marketing.

And when paired with email signature software from Exclaimer, you can optimize emails for customer success, make decisions based on actionable data, and present relevant messaging throughout the buying journey.

If you’re interested in diversifying your channel mix with email signature software, book yourself a free demo today.

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