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De Woonschakel had been using Exclaimer’s on-premises software for years before migrating to Office 365 (now Microsoft 365). To ensure a consistent corporate identity on every professional signature, it switched to Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.

About De Woonschakel

De Woonschakel is a housing corporation based in the West-Friesland region of the Netherlands with branches in the municipalities of Medemblik, Bovenkarspel, and Obdam. With approximately 80 employees, De Woonschakel engages in the rental, construction, and maintenance of affordable housing.

From on-prem to cloud

"We had already been running Exclaimer Signature Manager locally within Microsoft Exchange for years,” explained Jerry Kok, Systems Manager at De Woonschakel. “However, we felt that it was time to move to the cloud with Office 365. This migration was primarily motivated by the fact that we wanted to improve the security and reliability of our IT infrastructure, as well as move away from using physical servers on-site.”

Continuing to choose Exclaimer

"During the migration process, choosing Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud was automatic; we wanted continuity of service when it came to email signature management," Mr Kok continued. "We had discovered Exclaimer years ago when we were looking for a solution to centrally manage our business email signatures. At that time, we were mainly looking for an efficient way to update everyone’s signatures and present a consistent brand image. Using Exclaimer Signature Manager made this very simple.

“We also liked the fact that Exclaimer had a Dutch office located in the same region as our own head office. With Exclaimer, we had found a way to easily automate email signature management intelligently. This meant there was no hesitation in choosing to move to its cloud solution, Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud."

A quick and seamless transition

“We made it clear to Exclaimer that we wanted to get Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud in place immediately,” said Mr Kok. “This was because we had already switched to Office 365 and wanted continuity of service when it came to email signature management. The whole migration process was very well handled by Exclaimer’s sales team, as well as both its Support and Design teams.

"Migrating our email signature templates took a little longer but was still completed very quickly. And then we were good to go. The whole of De Woonschakel was very reassured that the implementation process had been completed so swiftly and efficiently."

Centralized email signature management maintained

De Woonschakel now uses two different email signature templates. One is a generic signature for the whole company, while the other is a personalized one for employees to include personal business contact details.

"In the future, we will use our email signatures for promotions such as the launch of an app or to draw attention to a special event," concluded Mr Kok. "Exclaimer is a reliable vendor that is easy to reach, provides excellent solutions, and offers excellent support."

De Woonschakel logo

The stated product name was correct at time of writing. All products are now referred to as Exclaimer.


Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud


Simplify Email Signature Management
Ensure Brand Consistency

Jerry Kok Systems Manager

The challenge
  • Using discontinued Exclaimer software for email signature management
  • Needing the same Exclaimer benefits but for Office 365
  • Risk of email signature templates no longer being consistent
The solution
  • Choosing Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud to ensure email signatures continued to be centrally managed
  • Migrating all email signature templates from Exclaimer Signature Manager
The benefits
  • Managing email signatures quickly and centrally in the cloud
  • Uniform email signature templates for all users

Your new email signature software awaits

  • 14-day free trial
  • No credit card information required
  • 24/5 support available