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Case Study: Great Plains Technology Center

Great Plains Technology Center needed a solution to help standardize its users’ Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) email signatures.

Great Plains Technology Center
Country USA
Industry Education
Founded 1971
Number of users 170

Great Plains Technology Center is a career and technology education center based in Oklahoma, USA and is part of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education system. The center helps to prepare individuals for success in both work and life and it trains over 1,000 students in more than 70 career majors.

Using Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 makes one less thing to worry about, I know everything is being taken care of.
Kevin Chambers Director of Information Technology

Consistent campus signatures

Trying to maintain a consistent email signature across multiple users’ emails isn’t always simple. There are several ways to go about doing this; allow users to create their own email signature, have IT manually update every users’ email signature, or use a dedicated email signature solution. Great Plains Technology Center decided the last option was the best one to use.

“We wanted a standardized signature for all email on campus,” said Kevin Chambers, Director of Information Technology at Great Plains Technology Center. “We started with a different product, but it did not have all of the functionality we needed to deploy Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) signatures.”

Great Plains Technology Centers Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) signature with full contact details.

Finding the right solution

“We just moved to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and needed a cloud-based solution that could handle the different problems we were having with email signature standardization,” said Mr Chambers. After some searching, Mr Chambers came across Exclaimer and its Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) email signature solution, Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365.

“Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 was easy to setup and configure, and creating a signature using the drag-and-drop editor was really simple. The hardest part was just figuring out the best design for our signature!”

One less thing to worry about

“All Great Plains Technology Center users now have a unified email signature,” said Mr Chambers. “We were also able to create different signatures for users with a different physical address or phone number.”

“Using Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 makes one less thing worry about, I know everything is being taken care of,” concluded Mr Chambers. “The solution really has been great. Exclaimer Cloud quickly solved Great Plains’ problem of inconsistent email signatures.”

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