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Logicx Mobiliteit chooses Exclaimer to provide all its employees in the office and on the road with a professional email signature within a hybrid cloud environment.

About Logicx Mobiliteit

Depending on the time of year, around 350 to 400 people work daily to recover and transport vehicles across Europe. For this reason, Logicx Mobiliteit is available 24/7 to provide roadside assistance to drivers within the Netherlands and across mainland Europe. The company is located in Apeldoorn in the province of Gelderland and is part of the ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club).

Efficiency, branding, and compliance

"Being able to centrally manage our email signatures is very important for us,” said Peter Landman, IT Manager at Logicx Mobiliteit. “This makes updating signatures much more efficient and means we continuously present a consistent brand image on all colleagues’ emails.

“Ensuring that important email disclaimers are included on all emails is also critical for our organization. Disclaimers are mandatory for the transport industry here in the Netherlands so we need to be certain that they are always appended to our emails."

Moving to Office 365 (now Microsoft 365)

Logicx Mobiliteit had previously been using an on-premises email signature software package from another provider. However, there were two big reasons for the company to start looking for a different solution.

"The first reason was the request that the business switch to Office 365,” stated Mr Landman. “This was part of a broader project in which the whole ANWB was moving to the cloud. Simplifying collaboration between colleagues at different locations by synchronizing things like calendars was one of the main motivations for this industrywide change.

“The second was that our previous email signature software supplier had been taken over by an American organization. They did offer a cloud service, but Logicx Mobiliteit did not want its data to be hosted in the U.S. This meant that we had to start looking for other vendors that could provide an email signature solution that was wholly hosted in Europe, ideally in the Netherlands itself.”

Putting a hybrid solution in place

"As our main office and control room were running Citrix with software we had developed in-house, we needed a solution installed on our on-premises Exchange servers," continued Mr Landman. "However, for the email signature management process itself, a cloud solution was required. To make things even more complicated, our colleagues on the road needed email signatures pushed directly into OWA. It was with all of these requirements that we ended up choosing Exclaimer.

“Exclaimer was very easy to do business with and it quickly understood what we needed in an email signature solution for our hybrid cloud environment. We were able to quickly implement Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud across the whole of Logicx Mobiliteit in one go. And if we had any questions or issues, high-quality support was quickly arranged.

“What I also really like about using Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud is that it lets us easily personalize an individual’s email signature such as by stating their working hours. This is a new feature for us and we will definitely be exploring the additional capabilities of the solution more in the future."

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Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud


Simplify Email Signature Management
Ensure Brand Consistency

Peter Landman IT Manager

The challenge
  • Looking for consistent email signature designs with compliant legal disclaimers that work on mobile devices
  • Needing an email signature solution that would work within a hybrid cloud environment
  • Cloud service needed to be hosted in the Netherlands
The solution
  • Using Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud due to its product capabilities and the fact that the service is hosted within the Netherlands
  • Support from Exclaimer when necessary
The benefits
  • A product that works in an on-premises and hybrid cloud environment, as well as with OWA
  • Simple and user-friendly way to setup email signature templates

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