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Meet the Exclaimer management team, find out more about what we do and what our company missions is.

Exclaimer is the global leader in business email signature management solutions. It provides award-winning on-premises and cloud-based email signature solutions to over 75 million users in over 150 countries worldwide, including renowned international organizations such as Sony, the BBC, the Government of Canada and the City of Sydney.

The company is based in the United Kingdom with offices in the Netherlands, Australia, the USA and Germany.

Our History

Andrew Millington and Chris Crawshay, Exclaimer’s founders, ran a bespoke software development organization in 2000 and were asked by a number of their clients to provide an email signature software solution as Exchange did not possess the ability to manually add a legal disclaimer to an email.

Researching the market at the time, they discovered that no such solution existed to allow organizations to centrally manage the deployment of email signatures. Seeing a gap within the market, they recruited Gary Levell as head developer to build what would be the first email signature software on the market.

Our People

In over 15 years, Exclaimer has changed from three entrepreneurs to a 70-strong, multi-national, multi-discipline team comprising everything from the staple developers to graphic designers and even data analysts.

Exclaimer values the diversity of contribution: from the stalwart, methodical support engineers to the inventive, imaginative software developers – and vice versa and all that occurs in between. Since the founders themselves represent a broad spectrum of talents and personality types, it's intrinsic in Exclaimer's culture to recognize that great products, service and ideas all come from a range of talents, learning styles and outlooks.


But some things are shared by everyone at Exclaimer: our core values. Strength, simplicity and support are at the centre of everything Exclaimer does or offers.

Strong products should be robust under all circumstances, no matter how rare, unusual or exacting. Software should be an asset the company can trust. That may mean Exclaimer has to extensively and exhaustively test its products, but that's the unique Exclaimer quality. We push it harder and push it further than most of our customers ever will. But in case they do, we do too. Simplicity goes hand in hand with that: the structure, the interface, the way we code it, our products should be absolutely simple. It's easier for you to understand, to scale, to customize and to maintain.

That applies to our service too, since you're supported by a team of professional, devoted, diligent individuals. Since founding Exclaimer, we've tried to create software that we would want: software we can trust, that we can use and deploy easily. But, when we need help, we'd want to know it was right there, ready and waiting.

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