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How to Use Reply Email Signatures Effectively

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When you start an email conversation, one of the first things a recipient will see is your email signature. It will include all your contact information, legal disclaimer, company logo, and maybe other marketing elements. However, as the conversation continues, the need to include the same signature template becomes unnecessary.

It’s then ultimately good practice to use a shorter reply email signature as the conversation continues. This simpler design includes only essential contact information such as name, company, phone number, and email address. The reply signature that you use then becomes a simplified version of your main signature template.

But why is this necessary in the first place? Well, it can become very annoying if you’re involved in an email conversation and it gets flooded with signature content.

Repeating the same sign-off for each new reply will make your emails look busy and cluttered. It can become difficult to read the message content if there is too much signature imagery to wade through. Having a separate reply email signature is far less intrusive in email chains.

What does a reply email signature look like?

A reply email signature will employ a simpler design than your main external signature. Its purpose is to not be overpowering, but still supply relevant contact information for recipients. Other content such as promotional banners and social media icons are not often included. This is because they will have already appeared in the first email signature template.

Below is an example of a standard corporate email signature. It would appear on the first email sent to a new recipient:

An example of a full email signature sent to external recipients.

Now, this is the corresponding reply email signature. It uses far less information than the main template. Elements like the legal disclaimer, profile photo, and award images are not included. In fact, it uses little of the original design:

An example of a reply email signature.

This design can also be used for any forwarded emails too. This again helps to minimize the ‘clutter’ of repeated signatures and disclaimers within message conversations.

Implementing reply email signatures in your organization

If you are using an email client like Outlook or Gmail, you can set up different signature templates for email replies. These are selected via a drop-down list directly in the message window. However, this only really works on an individual level. Signatures cannot be controlled at an organizational level this way.

For organizations using Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) or Microsoft Exchange, creating reply templates is not possible. These only come with a function designed for plain-text messaging such as an email disclaimer.

For those on G Suite (now Google Workspace), replies are created in the same way as in Gmail. This again means that signatures can only be updated by each user individually.

No matter which method you use, email signatures are either impossible to control or too time consuming to manage. By choosing an Exclaimer email signature management solution, you can design and deploy consistent signatures for all users. You’ll easily be able to create high-quality email signature replies for your business needs.

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