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Exchange email signature manager

Centrally manage your Microsoft Exchange email signatures for all users across all devices. Learn about Exclaimer's Exchange signature manager.

Exclaimer lets you design and manage your organization’s Exchange email signatures and disclaimers irrespective of which Microsoft technology you are using, e.g. on-premises Exchange, hybrid Exchange, Exchange Online, etc. This removes the need for IT teams to be involved in day-to-day Exchange email signature management.

It is also the only on-premises Exchange signature management solution that can be seamlessly migrated to Office 365 (now Microsoft 365), future-proofing an organization should it decide to move to the cloud at a later date.

Apply professional Exchange email signatures to emails sent from any device, including Macs and mobiles, and all email clients.

Trust the reliability of a solution that resides in 12 Microsoft Azure datacenter locations configured in six regional high availability clusters worldwide.

Benefit from failover that does not compromise data residency if an issue occurs at one regional datacenter.

Depend upon Exclaimer’s 24/7 service monitoring and real-time service health notifications with public root cause analysis.

Secure access to your Exclaimer solution with Microsoft single sign-on (SSO).

Grant all necessary permissions via Enterprise Applications ensuring you are always in control of the access provided.

Start email signature management quickly with a simple configuration process including easy installation of the transport agent with the transport service.

Control all aspects of the solutions integration with your environment, including affected users/mailboxes.

Sync all Azure AD (Active Directory) attributes, including any sourced from your local AD, to use in email signature design.

Understand how Exchange signatures are applied and why with the signature rules tester and comprehensive diagnostic tools.

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Exchange email signature deployment

Exclaimer's Exchange email signature manager uses an Exchange Transport Agent that is installed on your Exchange server. This acts as a “gateway” to the Exclaimer service, allowing signatures to be imprinted on your mail. Once you sign up, the latest version of the Exchange Transport Agent can be downloaded via the Exclaimer portal with the necessary API keys. You can have as many API keys as required. However, it is suggested to have only one that can be utilized on numerous Exchange Servers.

The Exchange Transport Agent will log all key events to the Windows Event Viewer, providing transparency and control over all email signature activity.

Server-side configuration

Achieves 100% email signature conformity across all devices

When a user sends an email, it is re-routed to an Exclaimer regional Azure datacenter for imprinting. The signature is then added in the appropriate location, passed back to Exchange, and sent as normal.

Exclaimer_How it works - Exchange - Server-side Configuration
Exclaimer_How it works - Exchange - Client-Side Configuration

Client-side configuration

Provides a familiar end-user experience

Exclaimer connects with your local email client where no mail flow is passed through Microsoft Azure. An agent installed on each users machine adds email signatures in Outlook or Apple Mail settings. Your users then have the option to choose from a set of signature designs while composing an email.

Server-Side & Client-Side Configuration

Marries the best of both configurations

Email signatures are deployed to compatible email clients, with emails passed through Azure. This ensures users get a traditional email signature experience while ensuring that every email has an appropriate Exchange signature appended to it. Automatic deduplication occurs between these two deployments to allow use of both.

Exclaimer_How it works - Exchange - Client-Side & Server Side Configuration

Exclaimer's cloud environment

Exclaimer's Exchange Server email signature software is hosted within four regional Microsoft Azure datacenters across the world arranged into two regions with geographically separated datacenter pairs. This provides users with operational excellence, a trustworthy online experience, outstanding reliability and always ensures the highest levels of availability for the Exclaimer service.

Data residency has become a concern of most organizations, especially within the public sector, Exclaimer is ideally placed to meet this requirement and ensure that all customer data stays exclusively within their region.

The Exclaimer Azure setup uses load balancing to provide a single network service from our Azure servers. If one of these regional Azure servers ceases operating, traffic is instantly redirected to the geographically separated datacenter to ensure continuity of service.

Measures are in place to ensure that the service scales to meet demand, maintaining throughput and email processing times (an average delay of 3 seconds).

Industry standard security practices guarantee the safety of all data in transit and at rest and fundamentals such as DMZs and IPS and WAF solutions that utilize AI, tested by routine penetration tests, prevent potential attacks.

All inbound connections are secured through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates and TLS (Transport Layer Security), which are constantly checked to meet current cloud standards.

Our 24/7/365 monitoring services automatically detect any service alerts, which are configured with escalation chains. The Exclaimer Service Health page provides key details on the service, and we provide real-time alerts for all subscribers. You can even sign up to receive notifications via email and SMS should you wish.

Before you use an Exclaimer solution with any setup using on-premises Exchange, please ensure you have:

Azure Active Directory configured and synchronized to your local AD

Exchange 2016 and up running the latest Cumulative Updates (CU)

Windows Server 2016 and up

PowerShell 4 and .NET Framework 4.7.2. installed

Domain Administrator account

Exclaimer & the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Exclaimer has been accredited with the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification for Information Security Management since 2016. The ISO/IEC 27001 Certification is specifically focused on the development and supply of our cloud-hosted signature management service. It measures how our internal processes follow the ISO standard. Certification by the BSI (British Standards Institution) means a thorough assessment of Exclaimer has been conducted and that we operate in alignment with the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification standard. 

For more details on the wide-ranging security measures used by our cloud service, please visit our Trust Center page. 

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