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Doubling Down: Why Marketers Have Relied on Business Email in the Wake of COVID-19

Pre-pandemic, many believed we were looking at the end of business email’s dominance in workplace communication.

Now, many employees have been thrown into the world of remote working – relying even more heavily on the consistency and marketing potential of corporate email. Many marketers even doubled down on their email marketing efforts in 2020.

So, why exactly has the shift to remote working led to the resurgence of email and what are the benefits in the modern workplace?

Consistency among uncertainty

The pandemic has thrust the workplace as we know it into uncertainty. Widespread remote working has put a temporary halt on face-to-face meetings. Many employees are still navigating video calls and corporate instant messaging platforms.

Among all this disruption, one thing remained constant – email.

What was once believed to be an old-fashioned communications platform has shown its true value to many – with research suggesting corporate email open rates are up 40 percent since the pandemic began. The medium is still the go-to channel for sending, receiving and storing workplace communications.

This is because business email provides a reliable yet flexible platform. It’s accessible on any device and is appropriate for informal one-liners and confidential company notices alike.

Plus, as businesses increasingly turn to corporate email for personal communications, many are also unlocking its marketing potential.

The marketing value

Email doesn’t just keep colleagues in contact. It also provides a cost-effective and customizable channel for marketing to prospects and existing clients.

This is especially valuable in the wake of the pandemic, with many businesses cutting their marketing budgets.

Unlike other digital marketing activity, business email provides a direct communication channel. Leads can be segmented and targeted with personal content. It also provides a platform for prospects to reply and provide feedback.

A key tool in using corporate email for marketing purposes is a professional email signature. Not only do email signature templates provide free real estate for promotional content. The content provided is also delivered every time, unlike similar marketing content that can be flagged as spam.

So, how can businesses maximize the potential of this untapped marketing channel?

Making the most of email signatures

To reap the marketing rewards available, businesses must include the right content in their corporate email signatures.

Firstly, email signature templates must include all relevant contact information – the sender’s full name, job title, website URL, email address (many platforms don’t actually show the sender’s email address, just their name) and a physical address. The receiver must know exactly how they can get in touch.

Email signatures are also the ideal space for promotional resources, like the business’ latest white paper. They sit naturally at the bottom of the message without looking spammy or inappropriate.

The personal nature of business email makes it the perfect platform for gathering customer feedback, too. Monitoring the customer experience allows businesses to improve their offering and target their ongoing content towards those who provide the greatest return.

While many tend to focus their efforts on winning over customers who leave negative brand feedback, research shows it’s actually ‘middling’ customers – those with neither a positive or negative opinion – that provide the most value.

Businesses able to identify middling customers can then work to turn them into happy ones – who are proven to spend the most.

At Exclaimer, we help businesses collect this feedback through the Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up. Our clients embed surveys in their email signature templates, allowing users to rate their experience with a single click on the most relevant emoticon.

This not only allows businesses to gather feedback effortlessly compared with long-form surveys. It also helps them track the user experience across their journey, so they know when and where to improve their offering.

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