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Learn how ARBP Worldwide became Exclaimer’s premier distribution partner for the UAE and the Middle East.

About ARBP Worldwide

ARBP Worldwide is a global IT services and solutions consultancy headquarted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The organization prides itself on offering expert consultancy, business transformation and managed services that empower its clients to aspire and succeed. ARBP Worldwide’s vision is to become the number one end-to-end solutions provider in the UAE and demonstrate excellence in providing the best-in-class infrastructure management services to our clients in diverse horizontal and vertical segments

Business opportunities & growth

On the whole, customers based in the UAE and the surrounding countries of the Middle East prefer to conduct business with ‘local’ sales resources when purchasing products manufactured by international organizations. With Exclaimer being a UK-based company, it has always been important for it to develop relationships with key channel distributors and partners in the region to enable customers to deal directly with companies in their country of origin.

The Middle East is a rapidly growing market for Exclaimer, with the strongest sales growth being seen in the UAE. Dubai, not to mention the UAE as a whole, is going through a period of advanced expansion, so it is the perfect Middle Eastern location to build channel partnerships. One of the most valued partners in the region for Exclaimer is ARBP Worldwide.

An exclusive partnership in the UAE

“When we started ARPB Worldwide, we immediately knew that we wanted to work with Exclaimer,” said Bipin Patel, Head of Operations at ARBP Worldwide. “I had worked with the Exclaimer team at my previous company for about five years, so I was more than familiar with how great Exclaimer’s products are.”

“We’ve always found it really easy to sell Exclaimer to our customers,” Mr Patel continued. “It’s really easy for someone to design a signature, particularly using the Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud solution. We can manage the service for the customer, giving them one less IT issue to worry about, and they can always be assured that every email they send will have a professionally designed email signature that reflects their brand positively. We have a dedicated team in-house that is solely focused on dealing with all things Exclaimer-related, which is what makes us its leading partner in the UAE.”

Another thing that makes the business partnership with Exclaimer so important to ARBP Worldwide is the fact that the two companies exhibit together at GITEX Technology Week. Held in Dubai every year, GITEX is the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia’s largest, most specialized ICT trade event.

“Partnering with Exclaimer at GITEX is the perfect place for us to meet potential customers and showcase the power of Exclaimer’s email signature management solutions,” Mr Patel explained. “As we have a team at ARBP Worldwide solely devoted to Exclaimer, the event always provides us with a large source of good quality leads from companies having issues controlling their corporate email signatures. We have basically become the face of Exclaimer for the Middle East, and having representatives from Exclaimer there as well means we have additional help in getting those all-important leads.”

A bright future together

Going forward, the business relationship between ARBP Worldwide and Exclaimer has never looked brighter in light of the close partnership that has developed between the two businesses. For his part, Mr Patel is very enthusiastic about the work his company does with Exclaimer and is looking forward to doing much more in the future.

“Exclaimer products are easy-to-setup, easy-to-sell, and easy-to-use,” concluded Mr Patel. “We love working with Exclaimer, its technical support team is always very helpful if we need them and the company makes truly great business products. We also always earn a health profit margin on every sale of Exclaimer we make. An example was when we were offered a prestigious project from the Dubai Police to implement Exclaimer’s email signature management software for over 11,000 users. This reflects the value that many organizations put in us as a distribution partner and Exclaimer as the leading provider of email signature software.”



United Arab Emirates

Bipin Patel Head of Operations

The challenge
  • Needing to provide an email signature offering to customers in the Middle East
The solution
  • Joining the Exclaimer Partner Network
  • Implementing Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud as a managed service
  • Creating a dedicated in-house team focused on Exclaimer’s products
The benefits
  • Providing Exclaimer to customers in the UAE and across the Middle East
  • Exhibiting with Exclaimer at GITEX Technology Week

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