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Netflow is a Flemish IT partner founded in 2006 by Wim Jacobs. In 2020, Netflow took over the IT company, Accel (founded in 1992 by Marc De Swaef).

Netflow assists more than 1,400 SMEs in Flanders – supporting every client in transforming their digital infrastructure in a move towards a sustainable ‘Modern Workplace’.

Netflow offers a range of solutions from IT management and service desk support to cybersecurity and cloud and data management – helping clients work smartly and efficiently.

Addressing industry challenges

Jordi Vanherck, Marketing Officer at Netflow, first approached Exclaimer after receiving inquiries from clients about altering and making the most of their email signatures.

After considering the costs of training and time lost to handling each client query manually, Netflow decided that implementing an all-encompassing solution would streamline the process to help speed up business operations for both its own team and clients, as Mr Vanherck explains.

“We had more and more customers interested in managing their email signatures and helping mold their signatures to be consistent with their brand image.

“Choosing Exclaimer was easy. With only a one-time setup and a simple 1-on-1 training session, we were able to offer most clients complete centralized control over their email signatures, taking them in whatever direction they choose.”

An in-house solution

The benefits of adopting Exclaimer weren’t just realized by Netflow’s established customer base but streamlined their internal business operations too, as Mr Vanherck explained:

“For a while, we struggled to track whether a correct, up-to-date signature was being used throughout the company.

“Now, we can manage and edit all signatures centrally and guarantee that professional, uniform signatures are being sent to our customers and throughout the business.”

Mr Vanherck was also complimentary of the services as he expanded on how Exclaimer’s cloud solution has transformed Netflow’s communications:

“It was an internal solution to many of our initial email signature concerns that has also helped us guarantee quality and security in two key areas.

“Not only are we able to better cement our corporate identity through uniform email signature designs and messaging, but we’re also able to guarantee that mandatory legal information required for email disclaimers is handled for us.”

Simplicity is key

Among the many benefits any centralized email signature solution provides, a nonnegotiable for Netflow was simplicity.

The business demanded a solution that not only worked flawlessly when implemented but was simple to set up, easy to use, and came with responsive tech support should anything go wrong – but also not constantly reliant on client support services.

Mr Vanherck explained: “Exclaimer’s cloud solution ticks all the boxes for us. Not only do we get the benefit of knowing our marketing and legal needs are handled, but the rapid setup and ease of use saved us on unnecessary costs and additional legwork in the long term.

“As well as reducing time spent on tedious email signature security compliance work – and guaranteeing uniformity across the board – Netflow can pass these benefits on to clients, bolstering their service offering.

“We’re now able to offer clients an effortless solution for managing company-wide email signatures that suits all their needs and saves us time.

“After a quick one-to-one training session and rapid one-time setup, our clients require no further intervention from us in 90 percent of cases, which is a great solution for all.”

Integrating Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud with Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) has allowed Netflow to find an effective way to manage their signatures that they can also pass on to prospective customers as time goes on. This has also ensured that all communications were professional and uniform – even if the sender is on-the-go.

To this day, the partnership has gone off without a hitch, and Exclaimer continues to assist Netflow in its service offering.

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Jordi Vanherck Marketing Officer

The challenge
  • Receiving regular requests from clients to manually edit and manage email signatures
  • Significant time spent supporting clients with email signature challenges, limiting the time available to explore other tasks
The solution
  • An email signature solution that customers can easily manage themselves after a one-time setup
  • A centrally managed solution where minimal training is required to get started
The benefits
  • With quick 1-on-1 training sessions, customers know everything they need to run the solution smoothly and require no further intervention 90% of the time
  • Significantly reducing the time spent troubleshooting email signature issues for new and existing customers

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