Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Renewal

  • How Do I Renew My Exclaimer Software Maintenance Agreement?

    Speak to us on [email protected] or, if you've been dealing directly with a certain member of the Exclaimer staff, ask them to help get your renewal processed – we're happy to help.

  • Can I Get A Discount?

    Yes. The 3-year SMA deal offers a 20% saving year-on-year and avoids the admin chore of renewing: it saves time, effort and expenditure.

  • Why Renew?

    The advantages – update protection, upgrade protection, remote technical support via GoToAssist, telephone, email, VOIP, etc. – are covered best on the Exclaimer Software Maintenance Agreement overview page.

  • How Do I Apply My Renewed SMA License?

    After purchasing your renewal, you will be sent a new license by email. Instructions on how to apply your license are attached to that email, but can also be found in the resources section for the relevant product on this site.

  • Can I Renew Early?

    Yes. You're free to renew your SMA guarantee before it runs out or step up to a 3-year SMA at any time – we'll simply start your new SMA from the date your current contract expires.

  • How Do I Know If It's Expired?

    The software should display its supported status on the 'Licensing' tab – but feel free to contact us on [email protected] at any time if you need assistance.