Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

  • Access Updates

    Supported customers are offered all product updates free of charge – since only up-to-date installations of the product will be supported by Exclaimer.

    Thus, new features, new additions and any bug-fixes will be exclusively available to SMA-covered customers.

  • Save On Upgrades

    If Exclaimer releases a similar, but separate, product to the software a supported customer already has, customers can expect help, advice, assistance and price incentives for upgrading.

  • Reaching Support

    Phone, email, VOIP and remote desktop support are all available – Exclaimer Support provides a range of communication mediums to match the availability, requirements and urgency of the customers and their requests.

    Exclaimer Support operates during US Eastern and UK/Western Europe business hours Monday-Friday, except December 25th and 26th and January 1st.

  • Continued Stability

    We test our software with every new update to Exchange, Windows and all the systems it relies on – if you aren't running with the latest updates, you aren't getting that crucial level of stability.

  • Mandatory Minimum SMA

    You must take an SMA of at least one year when you buy any product – after that first year, we leave it at your discretion to renew your support agreement.

  • 3-Year Discount

    A 20% discount year on year is available with a 3-year SMA. We anticipate updates and changes to our software as Microsoft alters Windows Server, Exchange, Office and the other products we interface with directly.

    Said updates will be easier, simpler and quicker for 3-year SMA customers to access, without the admin overhead of repeatedly renewing their agreements.

  • Compliance Obligation

    For organizations with initiatives or requirements to keep all information systems up to date, the Exclaimer SMA is essential.

    Having access to the current, tested, approved, Microsoft Certified version, depending which one you use, could be vital to its continued function – and our guarantee of its ongoing integrity.

  • Supported Microsoft Systems

    The SMA is valid across all Exclaimer products operating on supported Microsoft systems. If an issue arises within an environment that is not supported by Microsoft, Exclaimer will still attempt to resolve the issue. However, if this is caused by an unsupported system, we reserve the right to request you update your system to the latest version before offering any additional support.

Discuss your needs with Exclaimer on [email protected] or reach us on any of the details on our contact page to discuss related or wider questions.

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