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Exclaimer processes billions of emails and we have built our platform and software to be able to scale and meet the rigorous demands of our customers 24/7/365 with the strictest performance and reliability objectives.


Exclaimer was built from the ground up to run in the Azure cloud and to take advantage of the latest technologies such as microservices and load balancing to ensure reliability and scale. We are the only Cloud Signature provider to actively load balance across two data centers in the same region to ensure reliability no matter what issues the cloud provider might have.

For more information on our load balancing approach see our Security in the Cloud White Paper.



Exclaimer is able to scale dynamically to meet the demands of millions of customers at the highest enterprise requirements. We are able to process mail, review rules, imprint signatures and send the message on within an average of 4s.

We have an uptime SLA of 99.99% ensuring that your business-critical email doesn’t get disrupted.

Incident management

Exclaimer understands that sometimes even the best systems have incidents so we ensure that we have the best possible teams and processes in place to make sure that our customers know about the incidents and that they are fixed in the fastest possible time.

As part of our comprehensive ISO27001 certification, Exclaimer have a thorough incident response plan and testing schedule, this ensures that our 24/7 monitoring team are fully trained to deal with any and all issues that might occur. You can download a copy of our plan from our Trust Portal.

Exclaimer uses the most modern cloud-first monitoring tools to be able to respond quickly and effectively to incidents. For more information about our monitoring platform please take a look at our case study with Datadog.

We believe that transparency and honesty are key to helping build trust, so if an incident does occur, our detailed status page is updated so you always know if there is a problem with any of our services. We also publish detailed post-mortems on the status page to let you know why something went wrong and what we are doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again


Simplify vendor review

Exclaimer are on a mission to simplify the vendor review process.

We also provide 30 policy documents and the answers to over 350+ questions in our Trust Portal.

You can also find our Cloud Security Alliance, Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) available here.

Meet Exclaimer's DPO

"With the ever-changing threat climate, Exclaimer invests an incredible amount of time and energy ensuring our security policies are fit for purpose and can withstand the most sophisticated attacks. By using a multitude of leading-edge services and tools, we strive to offer both our customers and staff alike trust and security platforms that meet and exceed their requirements."

Daniel Richardson

Daniel Richardson


Our Partners

We partner with select organizations to help increase our security and trust.

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