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Discover how Athéo Ingénierie chose Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud solution in order to effectively manage professional email signatures.

About Athéo Ingénierie

Athéo Ingénierie is built around a human core, which is rich in professional diversity: architects, engineers and technicians that are trained and recognized by core manufacturers and software editors.

According to Dorian Nicoletti, Expert in Infrastructures as well as the Founder and CEO of Athéo Ingénierie, the company was created in a context that privileges human values: "The birth of Athéo Ingénierie was motivated by the desire to work with people I admire and respect. I am a volunteer and a man who relishes challenges. I wish to forge a future that corresponds to our values, rather than relive a past that goes against our convictions."

Choosing an email signature solution

When asked why the company chose Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud, Lucas Zink, Systems Engineer at Athéo Ingénierie, replied:

"The main reasons were the ease of configuration, the trust between Exclaimer and our company, the responsiveness of Exclaimer’s support teams, and the product's functionality, which is exactly what we were looking for.

“Athéo Ingénierie was looking for a simple and efficient way to implement professional email signatures for all employees. Over time, our email signatures have evolved to become a true marketing tool, with the ability to promote events to all of our contacts. It also meant Athéo Ingénierie could avoid resorting to mass email campaigns to relay important company news.”

As for configuring Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud, Mr. Zink said:

"We didn’t need any help from Exclaimer during the initial setup. The tutorials were very comprehensive, so we deployed email signatures very quickly."

A very satisfied customer

The team at Athéo Ingénierie have been very satisfied with Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud. "The way that Exclaimer evolves its email signature management solution continues to offer us more and more functionality beyond just central design and control,” concluded Mr Zink. “Some examples include being able to choose which email signature template to use through Exclaimer’s Outlook add-in, being able to see your signature in the Sent Items folder, and the ability to add 1-click surveys to signature templates.

"As an IT service company, we had the opportunity to test several email signature management solutions from different vendors. The service provided by Exclaimer is the best in our opinion. All the features provide real business value and the after-sales service is always very responsive.”


The stated product name was correct at time of writing. All products are now referred to as Exclaimer.

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Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud
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Simplify Email Signature Management
Ensure Brand Consistency
Optimize Marketing Campaigns
Drive Customer Success

Lucas Zink System Engineer

The challenge
  • Looking for an easy way to manage professional email signatures
  • Wanted an email signature management solution to centrally control employee signatures
The solution
  • Chose Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud over all other email signature solutions
The benefits
  • Comprehensive feature set that provides additional functionality beyond centralized email signature management
  • Using email signatures for marketing and feedback purposes

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