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Fallstudie: The Rugby Football League

The Rugby Football League chooses Exclaimer to standardize all employee signatures, and update templates quickly and efficiently.

The Rugby Football League
Land UK
Branche Sport
Gegründet 1895

The Rugby Football League (RFL) is the national governing body for Rugby League in the UK. The RFL administers the England Rugby League teams, the Women's and Community Rugby League, and professional competitions including the Coral Challenge Cup and Betfred Super League. It works in partnership with leagues, clubs, and Rugby League Foundations to offer new ways to play, from Play Touch Rugby League to Wheelchair RL. The RFL is working hard to inspire and develop the next generation of young players and fans.

Exclaimer Cloud is beneficial from a security perspective because we can update signatures so easily, without relying on individuals to remember.
The Rugby Football League

A time-consuming process

The initial goal for the RFL was to rebrand their email signatures to create a more professional company image. The technology department was also keen to overcome the inconvenient and time-consuming process of making manual changes to the company signatures of more than 200 staff members.

The team was losing, on average, around 3-4 working days every time it had to manually change or update employee signatures. From a department perspective, this took up a lot of time and resources.

Matthew Dews, who is the Head of Technology at the RFL, began the search for a cost-effective email signature management solution and was recommended Exclaimer by another third-party supplier.

Mr Dew’s contact explained how Exclaimer could combine its business service needs into one convenient package, which was exactly the type of service Matthew thought the RFL required.

“Before we worked with Exclaimer, employees were using all kinds of different signatures,” Mr Dews explained. “Emails were going out with different fonts and images, and some people didn’t include an email signature at all! It was all a bit of a mess. We needed an easy, centralized system that made messages look more professional.”

Centralized signature management

The main challenge for Mr Dews and his team was agreeing upon a consistent email signature template and achieving a professional finish to complement the team’s image. Centralizing everything in one place by using Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 was the easiest way to achieve RFL’s desired business outcome. This meant the organization could manage all signatures including any changes to logos, images, and messaging for each department, which couldn’t be achieved using Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) alone.

The new package not only made emails look more professional but benefited the whole organization as it allowed it to quickly and efficiently edit signatures to align with current marketing campaigns.

After setting up Exclaimer’s solution to work with the technology department’s online systems and testing if it worked well, it was then introduced more broadly into the organization. It soon became clear that Exclaimer Cloud was reducing the department’s workload, eliminating the tediousness of editing email signatures, both on mobile devices and desktops.

According to Mr Dews, another added benefit to a centralized solution is increased email security; “Exclaimer Cloud is beneficial from a security perspective because we can update signatures so easily, without relying on individuals to remember,” Mr Dews stated. “This means we can prevent incorrect and out-of-date information being sent to our business contacts.”

A more professional solution

The RFL has now been using Exclaimer Cloud since January 2020 and has been impressed with the company’s customer support team, who continued to provide support and guidance long after the solution was up and running.

“We worked with Exclaimer’s Customer Success team who were great and willing to help at any time,” highlighted Mr Dews. “We’d normally expect to send an email to a supplier and not hear back until the next working day but, but even when off-the-clock, the team were willing to assist with any questions.

Mr Dews concluded; “Exclaimer was very professional at all times and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend its services.”

The challenge

  • Time-consuming manual signature updates for all employees
  • Losing multiple working days every time signature templates needed to be updated
  • Unprofessional and inconsistent templates being sent to business contacts

The solution

  • Implementation of Exclaimer’s Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) solution to centrally manage all signatures
  • Professional support from Exclaimer’s Customer Success team

The benefits

  • Massive time and resource savings from an IT perspective
  • Consistent branding on all email signatures, aligned to on-going marketing activities
  • No need to rely on individual users to update their contact details

Products and services

  • Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365
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