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StagePool wanted an easy-to-use solution to manage multiple office email signatures and found Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud to fit its needs.

About StagePool

StagePool is Northern Europe’s largest audition and casting portal for professional, amateur, and child performers and backstage workers. The online entertainment recruitment service allows performers to apply for thousands of jobs across Europe, as well as offering free job advertising for producers.

StagePool helps thousands of members find more than 80,000 jobs a year, and more than 10,000 employers to find actors, artists, extras and crew for their productions.

Taking control

Creating a consistent brand image is important for many companies. Email signatures are often a forgotten tool for promoting an organization’s brand, with many companies leaving employees to manage their own. This was the case for Thomas Flores, Chief Development Officer & Founder of StagePool.

“StagePool felt the need to control the content of our employees’ signatures, as they were pretty much living their own life, and the content was hardly updated,” said Mr Flores. Having recently migrated to Office 365 (now Microsoft 365), Mr Flores began to look for an email signature solution.

Finding a solution to fit their needs

After a quick online search for a Office 365 email signature solution, Mr Flores found Exclaimer. “Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud was the only solution that could fulfil our needs,” he stated. “We work out of multiple office locations with many spoken languages, sending different communications based on target groups, so the Office 365 email signature solution we were looking for needed to be flexible enough to work with this.”

“We set up Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud quickly by following the steps in the help guides. I used one of the pre-built templates for our email signature design and changed the colors to go with our corporate identity.”

Flexible and easy-to-use

“Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud allows us to easily apply existing email signatures to new employees as well as create new signatures for new units,” declared Mr Flores. “We now have a very flexible and fast-to-update solution that suits our needs perfectly. Our email signatures look very professional and we can now push out new banners/campaigns in an instant.”



Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud


Simplify Email Signature Management
Ensure Brand Consistency
Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Thomas Flores Chief Development Officer & Founder

The challenge
  • Email signatures were not centrally managed
  • Every employee would create their own signature designs
The solution
  • Implementation of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud across the organization
  • Use of pre-built template library to create email signature designs
The benefits
  • The ability to create a variety of email signature templates for different users and locations
  • Promotional banners and campaigns can easily be pushed out to all users

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