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IT administrators are familiar with having to carry out Outlook email signature updates. When it comes to natively updating signature templates, there are many limitations that are often encounter:

Using Outlook Client Settings

  • Relies on end-users – No guarantee of conformity when user action is required
  • User details can be omitted or inaccurate
  • Signatures must be setup in every Outlook email client

Using VBScripts

  • Relies on users with coding skills required and admin access
  • Does not push signatures to mobile devices or machines outside the domain
  • Any missing Active Directory details will break the signature design
  • No opportunity for direct control from Marketing
  • No way to embed images

Using Transport Rules

  • Relies on users with admin access to Exchange Online, HTML skills, and knowledge of Transport Rules
  • Any missing Active Directory details will break the signature design
  • No opportunity for direct control from Marketing
  • Will only work on HTML emails, not emails in plain or rich text
  • Signatures will continually stack at the bottom of the email conversation
  • No way to embed images

Using an Outlook signature manager by Exclaimer

See how Exclaimer makes Outlook signature management simple

This is why Exclaimer offers email signature software that works directly with Microsoft Outlook. There is no need to install anything. All you need is for Azure Active Directory to be configured and synchronized to your local AD

The solution automatically adds a signature to all ingoing and outgoing messages. The template is also distributed directly into an end user's Outlook client. This lets them see their Outlook signature template as they type and send their email messages.

You can also assign users multiple signature templates in Outlook. This lets them manually choose the default signature they wish to use from Outlook's drop-down menu.

The powerful signature editor lets you create professional email signature designs in minutes. You can easily create templates with your company logo, social media image icons, marketing banners, and more.

  • Give users some control over the contact details that appears in their email signatures.
  • Let users see the email signature they are going to be using as they are typing.
  • Combine static text with images like a corporate logo and social media icons. Then, add dynamic contact data like a sender's name or job title to create an email signature template.
  • Create conditions and exceptions to include and exclude users based on their Active Directory attributes. This allows IT to give the marketing team one email signature, but the sales team another.
  • Use data for the dynamic email signature fields from the message, sender, and recipient.
  • Create different email signatures for new messages, replies and forwarded emails.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013.

Learn more about how Exclaimer greatly improves email signature management when compared to the native features in Microsoft Outlook.

Exclaimer Outlook
Centralized email signature design from one place
One click deployment of signatures from centralized console
Prevent users editing Outlook signatures from the Options dialog
Centrally standardize fonts, color and size across the organization
Use of Active Directory fields to save manually building an Outlook signature for each user
Suppress missing signature information (ensures no email signature goes out with a blank contact field)
Intuitive wizard to create signature & disclaimer policies
Add a social media strip, pre-completed with correct social icons & hyperlinks
Dynamic rotation, sizing, and grey scaling of images
Insertion of images with hyperlinks constructed from one or more of the sender's AD attributes
Logo color picker to select logo colors
Built-in ability to add rotating promotional banners
Ability to configure signature and disclaimer for specific mail formats (HTML, RTF and Plain Text) in one template
Time and date-controlled policies
Preview your template for any user in the organization
Separately design and preview email signature marketing and disclaimers
Build and deploy OWA signatures from a centralized console
Allows entry of HTML
Allows entry of Plain Text
Allows entry of RTF
Ability to preview created template
Apply signatures based on the recipient’s domain or email address
Different signatures for different departments

Use Outlook email signature software

If you want to make managing your Outlook email signatures, choose Exclaimer. Exclaimer email signature software is the easiest way to add professional signatures to Outlook for all users. Find out more or start a free trial today!

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