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Add an Email Signature in in 7 Steps

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Used by over 400 million users worldwide, (formerly Hotmail) continues to be one of the most popular free email clients available.

If you use this email service regularly, it makes sense to use an email signature in that is added to bottom of all emails. This will provide all recipients with your contact information such as full name, job title, phone number, email address, and more.

Creating an signature is not difficult. Once you have setup your signature template, it will be added automatically to any email you send. This includes for new messages, replies and forwarded emails.

Building an email signature in

  1. Launch your email account.

  2. In the top-right hand corner of the screen, click Settings (the gear icon).

  3. Click View all Outlook settings from the message menu:

    Go to Settings to create an signature

  4. Select Email and then Compose and reply in the Settings window:

    Go to Email -> Compose and reply

  5. You will now see the Email signature section. This is where you will compose your new email signature template. Type in the contact details you want to include in your new signature.

    At a minimum, you should include the following information:

    • Full name (first name and last name)

    • Phone number (a mobile/cell is often the most appropriate)

    • Email address

    Make sure you also format the text consistenly and use no more than five to seven lines. You can also use the signature delimiter to separate the template from the main email copy.

    Add your contact details

  6. Now you need to decide how your signature will be applied to any emails you send via You can choose from the following:

    • Automatically include my signature on new messages that I compose

    • Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to

    We recommend that you at least choose the first option. However, you can choose both options if required:

    Draft your signature

  7. Click Save and you've finished created an email signature in This new email signature will now be added to  messages according to the settings you've selected.

Need additional help?

If you are using the desktop version of Outlook or Office 365 (now Microsoft 365), refer to the articles listed below:

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