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How Remote Working Has Changed Email Usage [Infographic]

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Remote working and email usage

No matter what type of business you work for, there’s a high chance you use corporate email. And as the COVID-19 pandemic hit worldwide, causing a dramatic shift from traditional office working to working from home long term, the volume of emails sent and received increased by an estimated 44 percent.

The demise of email is predicted every year, but the numbers simply don’t support these claims. This is particularly true now that remote working has become de facto norm across many advanced economies.

There are an enormous number of email users out there who want to hear about what you have to offer. Check out the infographic below to learn more about how remote working has changed email usage, which industries are likely to continue offering fully remote roles, and how your email signatures can provide added value to your corporate email.

Remote working infographic
  1. An estimated 306 billion emails were sent and received worldwide every day throughout 2020 due to rapid rise in remote working. (Source: Statista)

  2. The average remote worker receives 121 business emails per day. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

  3. Email volumes increased by 44% as the number of remote employees increased. (Source: Netimperative)

  4. 74% of office-based companies plan on keeping remote working after the pandemic. (Source: Forbes)

  5. There will be 380 billion daily emails sent and received by 2025. (Source: Radicati Group)

The industries most likely to offer remote working post COVID-19

Here at Exclaimer, we’ve taken a look at which industries are most likely to go fully remote post COVID-19. We analyzed millions of job adverts across all industries to identify how many are offering remote roles and how much they are willing to pay to keep remote office workers happy.

So, if you appear in the industries below, you might want to start considering offering your employees the option of remote work. Otherwise, you could be in a position whereby you lose out on your best talent to your competitors.

The UK industries most likely to offer remote working post COVID-19

UK top 5 remote work

Technology is most likely to offer fully remote working roles after COVID-19, with 19.5% of all roles advertised as remote. Architecture, Media, Marketing, and PR make up the rest of the top 5. There are some mixed views within the technology sector though.

Recently, Amazon have said they plan on returning to an “office-centric culture as our baseline”. On the other hand, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, said last year that all his employees can work from home “forever”.

If we look at which sectors are paying the most for remote work though it shows a different picture:

UK six figures remote work

Interestingly, it’s the sectors that have a very low number of roles in the first place that are offering the big salaries for remote workers. Just 1.3% of current jobs advertised under ‘Construction & Extraction’ are remote, but 31% of these are offering six figure salaries with the majority being remote manager roles.

The U.S. industries most likely to offer remote working post COVID-19

Over in the United States, these are the industries most likely to go fully remote post COVID-19:

US six figures remote work

Real Estate beats the likes of tech companies to the top spot in the U.S., with 32% of jobs advertised offering remote positions. However, it’s technology that is allowing the real estate industry to change its proceedings with virtual viewings, electronic signatures, and digital referencing becoming the norm.

Banking, Advertising, Technology and Marketing also appear in the top 5.

US top 5 remote work

Banking is willing to pay the most to remote workers, with 84.9% of 20,107 positions analyzed offering a six-figure salary. IT, Engineering, Technology, and Real Estate also offer lucrative remote roles.


Exclaimer scraped over one million UK job adverts from Indeed across over 40 industries. Our analysis team also scraped 9.8 million U.S. adverts from Indeed over the same 40 industries.

Each job advert was identified for its advertisement of remote work and the number of positions including a six-figure salary.

Why email signatures matter for remote working

An email signature does not just provide contact information. It also provides a way of making your brand instantly recognizable and increases marketing campaign engagement:

Increase awareness of your brand

It’s important that your brand remains consistent on all emails that are sent on behalf of you company. This is especially important when everyone is working from home. It’s important to note that your employees are walking advertisements for your business. They need to understand your company’s brand, mission, and key objectives. That means consistent email signatures across all devices.

Promote your latest marketing content

Email signatures are one of those deceptively simple yet highly effective marketing channels. They are:

  • Highly targeted, i.e. you know who is going to see your promotional banners as you’re communicating with them

  • Continuously displayed in any emails sent by your company

  • Designed to provide valuable information to stakeholders, e.g. downloading a white paper, reading a press release, watching a video etc.

  • Trusted and business relevant

Capture customer feedback in real-time

Adding a simple 1-click survey to their email signatures is a quick and straightforward way to collect customer and employee feedback. This means you don't have to constantly ask them to fill in long-winded questionnaires. This quick feedback can then allow management teams to respond accordingly.

Comply with email law

To protect your business, it is still highly advisable to use an appropriate legal disclaimer on your emails. Many advanced markets, such as the European Union and the United States, still have regulations in place that require businesses to add disclaimers to emails, something that is not likely to change any time soon.


The truth is remote working (or allowing for home working a few days a week) is becoming an increasingly enticing proposition for your employees. If your sector offers a lot of flexible work, you need to consider whether it’s time your company does too. Otherwise, you might risk losing out on the best talent.

Remote working is also widely affecting business email usage. There are reports that there will be over 380 billion emails sent daily by 2025. As a result, regardless of sector, employers need to ensure that their employees are sending the best impression remotely.

Exclaimer ensures professional, consistent, and complaint email signatures on all devices. Our solution allows you to customize email signatures with promotional banners to highlight your latest marketing campaigns, events or special offers.

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