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Gmail signature manager for G Suite

Centrally create and manage professional Gmail signatures for all users in G Suite (Google Workspace) across all devices.

The premier cloud service for managing signatures in G Suite. The solution uses cutting-edge technology to ensure operational excellence and outstanding reliability. Exclaimer truly is the perfect choice for centralized email signature management in Gmail. Even better, an IT department can easily pass ownership of all Gmail signature updates to non-IT teams.

Apply professional G Suite email signatures to emails sent from any device, including Macs and mobiles, and all email clients.

Trust the reliability of a solution that resides in four Microsoft Azure datacenter locations configured in two regional high availability clusters.

Benefit from failover that does not compromise data residency if an issue occurs at one regional datacenter.

Depend upon Exclaimer’s 24/7 service monitoring and real-time service health notifications with public root cause analysis.

Secure access to your Exclaimer solution with Google single sign-on (SSO).

Grant all necessary permissions via a secure application ensuring you are always in control of the access provided.

Control all aspects of the solutions integration with your G Suite environment, including affected users/mailboxes.

Sync all attributes from your Google directory to use in email signature design.

Understand how signatures are applied and why with the signature rules tester and comprehensive diagnostic tools.

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G Suite email signature deployment

Exclaimer’s G Suite email signature management solution is extremely flexible, providing multiple options for deploying Gmail signatures depending on your needs. These choices do not affect overall pricing.

Server-side configuration

Achieves 100% email signature conformity across all devices

Allows G Suite email signatures to be applied to emails sent from all devices and email clients by integrating Exclaimer’s Azure-hosted signature imprinting service within your mail route.

Emails are appended with a signature whilst within the smart host and then returned to your Gmail service for delivery to the recipient.

Exclaimer_How it works - G Suite - Server-side Configuration
Exclaimer_How it works - G Suite - Client-Side Configuration

Client-side configuration

Provides a familiar end-user experience

Allows a single signature to be applied to emails during composition within the online Gmail client.

The Exclaimer application integrated with your subscription ensures the email signature is established in the Gmail settings, meaning this configuration requires no mail flow to occur through the Exclaimer service.

Server-Side & Client-Side Configuration

Marries the best of both configurations

An email signature is deployed to each users Gmail settings but emails are also passed through to the Exclaimer smart host so that all emails undergo the imprinting process. Deduplication occurs so that the email only receives a single version of the correct G Suite signature.

Exclaimer_How it works - G Suite - Client-Side & Server Side Configuration
Graph_GSuite (1)

Step 1

Create G Suite email signatures using the Exclaimer's Gmail signature generator, and assign them to individuals, groups, departments or the whole organization. You can also create a shorter reply signature, or a different signature for internal emails.

Step 2

Users send an email via G Suite from a web-enabled device like a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Step 3

The email passes from G Suite and is routed to Exclaimer using secure and encrypted connectors.

Step 4

Exclaimer then “stamps” the email with the first applicable signature and users’ contact details will be populated by the service. All data is securely managed in line with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification.

Step 5

The email is then passed back to G Suite for sending. Exclaimer does not send the email out on your behalf, this is all done by G Suite.

Step 6

The email goes out and is delivered as normal, but now has a high-quality, branded G Suite signature appended to it.

Exclaimer's cloud environment

Exclaimer's G Suite email signature service is hosted within four regional Microsoft Azure datacenters across the world arranged into two regions with geographically separated datacenter pairs. This provides users with operational excellence, a trustworthy online experience, outstanding reliability and always ensures the highest levels of availability for the Exclaimer service.

Data residency has become a concern of most organizations, especially within the public sector, Exclaimer is ideally placed to meet this requirement and ensure that all customer data stays exclusively within their region.

The Exclaimer Azure setup uses load balancing to provide a single network service from our Azure servers. If one of these regional Azure servers ceases operating, traffic is instantly redirected to the geographically separated datacenter to ensure continuity of service.

Measures are in place to ensure that the service scales to meet demand, maintaining throughput and email processing times (an average delay of 3 seconds).

Industry standard security practices guarantee the safety of all data in transit and at rest and fundamentals such as DMZs and IPS and WAF solutions that utilize AI, tested by routine penetration tests, prevent potential attacks.

All inbound connections are secured through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates and TLS (Transport Layer Security), which are constantly checked to meet current cloud standards.

Our 24/7/365 monitoring services automatically detect any service alerts, which are configured with escalation chains. The Exclaimer Service Health page provides key details on the service, and we provide real-time alerts for all subscribers. You can even sign up to receive notifications via email and SMS should you wish.

Exclaimer & the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Exclaimer is the only Gmail signature management service to achieve the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification for Information Security Management. This accreditation recognizes Exclaimer’s internal processes for both the development and supply of cloud-hosted G Suite software for email signature management.

By following the standards of the ISO, we ensure the highest levels of cloud security and full protection of customer data.

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