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Despite all the new options for digital communications — messaging apps, video chats, texts and more — the business world still runs on email. More often than not, IT professionals are the unsung heroes of an organization, working to keep email systems up and running. The consistency of corporate email signatures, and whether users even have them, is the least of their worries.

Yet, outside of IT, email signatures are emerging as a top priority. All of requests from other departments inevitably end up falling on IT professionals. They are the only ones who have the technical knowledge and access to important computing infrastructure to deploy email signatures properly.

This white paper written by IT community leader Spiceworks explores how an email signature management solution can unlock the power of email signatures — without adding more work for busy IT teams. We’ll look at the management challenges of email signatures, the value in third-party solutions, and how their capabilities are being put to work in organizations of all sizes.

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