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Datema needed a solution to manage email signatures for its four office locations. It chose Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud for easy control.

About Datema

Datema is a Scandinavian full-service provider of IT solutions for the retail, transport & logistics, and ERP consulting & integrations industries. Its IT specialists, consultants, and application developers support over 600 companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The company provides services and process solutions designed specifically with customers in mind, and offers complementing hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Moving to Office 365 (now Microsoft 365)

Datema had recently migrated to Office 365 and needed a solution to help manage email signatures for its four office locations in Sweden. After a positive experience using an older Exclaimer email signature solution a few years earlier, choosing Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud was a simple choice for Mats Sylvan, Team Leader for Mobility Consulting at Datema.

Trialling Exclaimer

“We began by starting a trial of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud,” said Mr Sylvan. “The solution made it easy to manage and create the different signatures Datema needed. It was important that we could quickly create and assign signatures to our group of companies, and the solution does exactly that.”

“Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud was easy to setup and it’s very flexible,” continued Mr Sylvan. “We had signatures applied to all office locations within a few days.”

Desired results

Implementing a cloud-based Office 365 signature management solution meant that Mr Sylvan can now create and apply signatures to users in all four Datema offices from one central, web-based location.

“With Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud, we can now quickly apply different signatures to different users or user types based on Azure Active Directory group membership and change them when needed,” concluded Mr Sylvan. “The solution has made managing all Datema users’ Office 365 email signatures so simple. It’s very quick to create and apply signatures, and I can easily make changes when needed.”

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The stated product name was correct at time of writing. All products are now referred to as Exclaimer.


Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud


Simplify Email Signature Management

Mats Sylvan Team Leader for Mobility Consulting

The challenge
  • Required an email signature solution that could manage email signatures in Office 365
The solution
  • Implementation of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud across four office locations
The benefits
  • Simple email signature control across the entire organization

Your new email signature software awaits

  • 14-day free trial
  • No credit card information required
  • 24/5 support available