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Attorney and Lawyer Email Signatures (With Best Examples)

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It’s important to note that HTML email signatures for lawyers and attorneys are essentially digital business cards. They let people know who you are, what type of law you specialize in, and how they can get in contact with you. Lawyer email signatures are also the perfect place to promote your services as a legal professional.

Lawyers and attorneys send numerous emails a day to clients, partners, and other stakeholders. If these emails are not professionally branded, it can put your hard-earned reputation at risk.

Attorney email signature example

What should you include in a lawyer email signature?

When creating a lawyer or attorney signature block, it’s important that the design makes a positive impression on every recipient. You’ll then be able to promote yourself as a reputable professional working within law, grow your network of clients, and improve your standing within your professional network.

1. Your professional details

At the same time, make sure you avoid including irrelevant information. Too many contact details will distract a recipient and make your template look messy. You should also avoid using inspirational quotes, too many award logos, and unnecessary links.

In your lawyer email signature, you should include all necessary contact details such as your full name, job title, full company name, registered office address (you can use a Google Maps link here), and at least one phone number. We also recommend including your email address, which is particularly important if your emails get forwarded on to other people.

2. Qualifications and field of expertise

You want every recipient to know that you’re the best at what you do. Adding abbreviated qualifications after your full name in a professional email signature is a great way to do this.

Some examples would include:

  • LLB

  • Dr. jur.

  • SSC

  • J.D.

It’s also worth highlighting the area of law you specialize in, e.g. commercial law, employment law, corporate law, etc. Finally, if there is space, you can state the law school or university you graduated from.

3. Images and graphics

Including your law firm’s company logo in your email signature is important from a brand consistency perspective. The same is also true when you include a professional photo in your lawyer email signature. Using these two elements helps connect recipients with you and your brand, while also presenting a professional look and feel.

When it comes to signature imagery, always comply with your corporate brand guidelines. Your signature should look the same as everyone else’s. Remember that every email you send represents you and your company.

Lawyer email signature example

4. Social media icons

Make it easy for people to connect with you by linking to your social media profiles from your attorney email signature. LinkedIn is the logical first choice to include. Only link to other personal social pages if they are used in a professional capacity. If you don’t want to link to your own profiles, direct people to your firm’s social media accounts.

5. Email disclaimer

As a legal professional, it is vital an email disclaimer is added to every email you send. This content will often include your company name, registered office address, and company registration details, and is a legal requirement for corporate email in many countries.

Using a legal disclaimer in your lawyer email signature helps to protect you in the case of confidentiality breaches, limit your liability, and highlight that you email does not form a legally binding contract.

6. A call-to-action (CTA)

A lawyer email signature can be used for so much more than just contact information. It is the perfect channel to promote your professional services through the use of display banners.

By using a banner, you can do things like link to a personal landing page, showcase your award wins, or promote your legal portfolio in a minimalistic and unobtrusive way. You can even use a banner to just make it easier for people to contact you.

You should update your banners on a regular basis in order to provide fresh content to your recipients. For example, if there is a time-limited event you will be attending, your lawyer email signature is the perfect place to tell recipients about it.

7. Calendar link

You want to make it easy for clients to schedule appointments with you. By adding a simple link to your calendar, people can see your availability and book appropriate meeting times.

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