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The Top 17 Email Signature Banner Examples

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Your organization uses advertising, events, and press to promote new products, services, and marketing messages. Whatever your aims, the email signature channel can prove instrumental in achieving them when you include a promotional banner. This email signature banner is often placed under the rest of the signature but appears above the disclaimer.

What is an email signature banner?

An email signature banner is a strip of graphical detail often placed below the contact details. It is used to showcase new content such as white papers, highlighting special offers, attendance at trade shows, and so on. It also helps to promote your company, increasing your brand awareness and aids with lead generation.

Email signature banner examples

The email signature examples presented below use promotional banners to give these organization’s marketing activities a valued boost. Read on to discover some of the best email signature banner templates.

  1. An eye-catching email signature example of a template using a marketing banner to promote a new furniture range.

    Promotional banner showcasing a new retail selection in this email signature example.
  2. An email signature banner is used here to promote railway travel. This is likely part of a wider email signature marketing campaign.

    Email signature banner with strong imagery.
  3. A signature banner that is suitably cryptic enough to entice a recipient to learn more about the product offering.

    Banner asking a recipient to learn more about a product.
  4. This email signature template uses a banner to announce important company news to email recipients.

    An email signature template with a banner used to announce company news.
  5. This email signature design has a promotional banner showcasing the fact that the organization will be exhibiting at a tradeshow.

    Promotional banner about an event the company is exhibiting at in this email signature example.
  6. This organization wrote a white paper and used a promotional banner to showcase it in their email signature.

    Promoting a whitepaper with an email signature banner.
  7. A promotional banner that forms part of this hotel’s corporate branding in this email signature example.

    This email signature example uses a banner as part of the hotel's branding.
  8. This email signature banner lets recipients know about a new range of products available for purchase. It is placed just below the company logo and social media icons.

    Signature template promoting a new range of motorcycle helmets to customers.
  9. The banner in this email signature uses multiple web links and images to get a recipient’s attention. It is one of the best email signature banner examples for use by the travel industry.

    Email signature template using a banner with numerous images and web links.
  10. This email signature example uses a strong promotional banner with graphical elements and numerous award logos.

    Email signature example with banner, award images and graphics.
  11. The promotional banner is the primary graphical element of this email signature.

    An email signature template with a large promotional banner.
  12. The promotional banner in this signature design links to a registration page for a forthcoming event.

    An email signature example asking recipients to register for an event.
  13. An important part of this software company’s branding is used in the promotional banner in this email signature example.

    Using important corporate branding in an email signature banner.
  14. The promotional banner is the dominant section of this email signature, showcasing a new technology solution.

    A dominant promotional banner in this email signature template.
  15. A simple email signature banner that adds additional content to this template.

    A simple promotional email signature banner.
  16. The banner in this signature promotes what the organization does to any email recipient.

    Promotional email banner showcasing a company's expertise.
  17. Winning some big corporate awards is the main theme of this email signature banner example.

    Using an email signature banner to promote winning industry awards.

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