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Introducing Email Signature Surveys

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Companies of all sizes realize the importance of measuring customer satisfaction. Positive feedback is likely to turn customers into advocates of your brand, while negative feedback helps you to adapt. After all, how can you improve what you offer unless you gather useful insights into your products or services?

An email signature survey example

However, getting said feedback is not easy. Your customers’ time is limited, and they don’t want to fill out surveys with lots of questions. If you persistently ask for feedback, you’ll only alienate and annoy your customers. After all, what’s in it for them?

You’ll have more success getting feedback if customers know they can do it quickly. One of the simplest ways to get the insight you seek is to add a survey in your corporate email signature.

You might ask why an email signature survey is an effective channel for customer ratings. In basic terms, all you do is add some 1-click feedback buttons to your signature design. Each button is assigned a link to measure the level of customer satisfaction, i.e. good, neutral, and bad. You don’t even need to write any survey questions.

These can then be used to direct customers to different landing pages allowing them to add further comments should they wish. You’ve then created a dedicated email signature survey with little effort.

The power of email signature surveys

Here are the main reasons why you should include surveys in email signatures and why they are the perfect platform for customer feedback.

Email as trusted communications

If your company deals directly with customers through direct email, it’s likely that you’ll be recognized as a trusted source. However, these customers will probably not be inclined to fill in any survey requests you send them. In all honestly, they will probably just ignore them.

If you keep sending repeated survey emails, you’re going to lose the trust you’ve worked so hard to build. You’ll also end up damaging the health of your database through unsubscribe requests and possible complaints.

An email signature survey, on the other hand, offers customers a chance to provide simple feedback in an unobtrusive way. You’re not “demanding” feedback but offering them the chance to do so if they wish. Customers will then be more willing to give valuable insight into their experience with your company as they’ll already be talking to you over email.

Large volumes

If something is displayed on your business emails continuously, you guarantee that it will get a large audience. Using an email signature survey that’s seen by potentially thousands of people will only increase the chances of completion.

If you make it easy for customers to leave feedback, you’ll inevitably get a much higher response rate. After all, you’ve made it so they’ll more inclined to rate their experience with your brand.

Insight at the click of a button

If you want fast feedback, 1-click feedback buttons in an email signature survey are a great way to get rapid results. By embedding links into your template or using a third-party email signature software, you can easily obtain real-time customer insights with simple feedback buttons.

It is recommended that you keep the design of the buttons as simple as possible. Using something like emoticons with different expressions or a star rating work best. These are universally recognized symbols, so they increase the chances of a click.

No more long surveys

We’ve all received customer satisfaction surveys that take too long to complete, which you end up abandoning. Unless there is an incentive, people just don’t have the time to answer question after question. The same goes for your customers. They don’t want to waste their time on an automated email asking them to fill in a 20-minute questionnaire.

With an email signature survey however, customers can leave feedback in the most painless way possible. The monotony of completing long surveys is taken away, meaning you don’t negatively impact on your customers’ time.

The perfect email signature survey design

As with all elements, the email signature survey buttons you use shouldn’t be too large or distract from the email content. You want the buttons to be unobtrusive, yet noticeable enough that people will want to click on them.

Email signature survey with emoticons

Exclaimer’s email signature software

With the email signature software by Exclaimer, organizations can easily obtain feedback through the use of simple 1-click email signature surveys with minimal effort.

The real-time feedback gathered from email signatures can be used to measure the quality of interaction that individuals and teams have with customers, allowing immediate improvements to be implemented. Responses are easily identifiable, being attributed to specific email recipients, making replying and closing the feedback loop actionable on every response.

The feature set is far stronger than any competing vendor, providing:

  • Innovative survey tools for easily creating Outlook email signature surveys
  • Easier survey integration into email
  • Easier distribution of surveys
  • Better control over survey deployment
  • Fully integrated management of custom imagery for consistent and professional email signature surveys
  • Enriched reporting through out-of-the-box data integration

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