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Browse the best email signature templates available for personal and companywide use. Review basic and advanced designs with social media icons, email banners, user photos, graphics, and more.


The benefits of using a professional email signature template

You may think an email signature is just a simple contact block added to the end of an email. But in reality, email signatures can do so much more.

Email signatures can play a major part in promoting your brand and your marketing messages if used correctly. By using professionally designed email signature templates, you can unlock a powerful and personal marketing channel that is targeted, valued, trusted, high-volume and continuous.

If you're looking for inspiration on creating the perfect signature design, browse our range of email signature templates below.


Browse our email signature template gallery

What elements should I include in a professional email signature template?

The email signature template should include your full contact details:

  • Name (first name and surname)
  • Job title and department
  • Company name
  • Telephone number (with country code for international emails)
  • Mobile number, if applicable
  • Email address
  • Office address

In addition, an email template signature needs a legal disclaimer in compliance with international email law. You can then add additional dynamic content such as social media icons, campaign banners, etc.

I need help building an email signature template, what can I do?

With Exclaimer's solutions, you can quickly design email signature templates using a drag-and-drop editor and deploy them to everyone in your organization.

You can choose a pre-built email signature template from the template library or build your signature design by dragging elements onto a template. You don't need to have ANY experience using HTML or have any special design skills.

What should my email signature template look like?

A well-branded and professional email signature takes time and effort to get right. Whether you're using OutlookGmailMac Mail, or another email provider, your email signature template must work across all clients and devices.

Before designing your email signature template, think of what you're trying to achieve. The best email signature templates don't just provide contact information. They can also be used to:

You might want your email signature template to do some of these or all of them. But make sure that your design is not too complicated or includes unnecessary elements.

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