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Learn what you should include in a professional email signature with our interactive email signature template.

What makes a good email signature template?

At a basic level, a professional email signature includes contact information. However, you can then transform a basic signature template into a marketing and brand communications channel for your business. This is done by including your company logo, display banners, social media icons and other dynamic content. Below is what you should include when you create a professional email signature template.

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Make email signatures come alive by adding centrally managed user photos.

Contact info

Auto-populate user contact details from your directory—including full name, phone number and company URL.

Company logo

Build and promote brand awareness by featuring your company logo.


Use promotional banners to showcase marketing campaigns, testimonials, events or special offers.


Comply with regional and industry-specific email law by including an appropriate legal disclaimer.


Gain valuable customer insight with 1-click feedback buttons.


Boost credibility by highlighting recent company awards and certificates.


Win new followers by promoting your social media channels.

1. User Photos

You can really make your signatures come alive by adding a user photo. This helps to add a human touch to what can be quite an impersonal channel.

5. Email Disclaimer

Email disclaimers are still important as a matter of lawful and safe operation for many organizations. Most countries have email regulations in place, be they regional/national or sector-specific.

2. Contact Information

The basis of any email signature template is the contact information. This will often include your full name, job title, phone number, email address, and company URL.

6. 1-Click Feedback Buttons

One of the simplest ways to get customer feedback is to add 1-click feedback buttons to your email signature template. These buttons each link to a certain level of customer satisfaction and are represented using universal icons.

3. Brand/Logo

Your corporate branding is important to your company identity. The design of your email signature template must then conform to your brand guidelines. This means your company logo to the color palette and font.

Your email signature can then build and promote your company's brand awareness, particularly through the use of your corporate logo.

7. Company Awards and Certifications

certification image displayed in your email signature template establishes credibility instantly with a recipient. The same is also true if you use an industry award image.

4. Promotional banners

Email signature banners work best when used as part of an integrated marketing campaign. Corporate email is the perfect place to promote important information such as special offers, attendance at trade shows, etc.

8. Social Media

Adding social media icons to your email signature template lets you get loads of new followers for free. They will also improve the reach of your marketing campaigns with ease.

How to create exceptional email signature templates

The only way to completely control all elements of an email signature template is through third-party email signature management software. With email signature software, your signature templates will always remain consistent across all email clients including Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail.

It’s important to remember that organizations use many third-party products and services to automate business functions. Investing in a solution that does the same for email signature templates should be no different.

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