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Creating the Perfect Mobile Email Signature

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Make your mobile email signature short and concise.

According to Statista, the current number of smartphone users totals around is 6.648 billion. This means 83.89% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. With at least 50% of all email opens now done on a mobile phone, making sure you have a corporate mobile email signature should be a top priority for your organization.

However, mobile email signatures are still an afterthought to many companies, with employees having too much control over how they sign off emails. This lack of control can have very serious business consequences if not managed correctly.

Many employees sadly still send emails with the classic “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent from my Android…” email signature. These email signatures have become a bit of an industry joke as they often don’t include any professional contact details. This ends up leading to missed marketing and business opportunities.

That’s why truly successful companies don’t leave their brand in the hands of individual members of staff. They take complete control over this channel and enforce corporate signatures that all employees have to use.

Optimizing your email signature for mobile devices

When it comes to a mobile email signature design, less is definitely more. Imagine an important client is in their car, reads an email you’ve sent, and wants to get in touch with you immediately. They don't want to see or click on something like your fax number. They want to get in touch with you RIGHT NOW.

Remove any unnecessary mobile email signature text such as taglines on the environment or HTML graphics (except if you're using email signature software) so you get straight to the point.

Perfecting your mobile email signature design

When designing a mobile email signature, you need to consider the width of the screen. It’s best to separate your contact details onto multiple lines. This will ensure all of the text fits on the screen and the recipient won’t have to scroll down to see the whole mobile email signature.

Mobile email signature image examples.

Make sure the images you use, such as logos or banners, are the correct size you want them to display. If you use an image that is originally 500×500 pixels but you’ve formatted it to appear as 100×100 pixels, the mobile email client may alter the format and display the image in its original size.

Include relevant contact information

The best mobile email signatures keep contact details to a minimum, making it easy for recipients to get in contact ASAP.

We recommend using the following:

Employee’s full name and job title

You have to include this information in your mobile email signature. It’s useful if a recipient is just getting to know you, but also helps clients when they forward your email on to someone else.

Phone number

If you only ever work in an office or one location, it makes sense to only include a landline number. However, your mobile number will often be the quickest way for important contacts to get hold of you, so it may make sense to include this as well.

Also, remember to add your area code to your signature. This is particularly important if you email people in different countries. For example the +44-area code denotes it is a UK-based phone number.

Email address

By adding your email address to your email signature, most mobile devices will turn it into a clickable link. If the link is not clickable, do the following:

  • Highlight the email address
  • Copy it, then highlight it again
  • Create a hyperlink and put “mailto:” in front of the email address
  • Click OK to confirm the hyperlink
Don't forget the email address in your mobile email signature.

Another reason to include your email address, hyperlinked or not, is that some email apps pull out someone’s contact information when they see a name, phone number, and email address grouped together. Other email clients let a recipient copy such a grouping and add it to their contact list with a single click.

Other elements to consider

Don't tell people what device you are sending from

No one cares what device you’re sending an email from anymore. You won’t find anyone that’s impressed by an email saying, “Sent from my iPhone”.

An effective mobile signature needs to reflect your company, not the device the email came from. That’s why you need to ensure all employees use the same signature on mobiles as they do on their desktops.

Don't add “Excuse any typos” in your signature

When you’re sending an email over mobile, you may be on the move or in a hurry. This means you might not proofread the content as thoroughly as you would normally.

However, if you’re telling people there may be mistakes in your message, they might start to question what else in the email could be inaccurate. You don’t want to actively draw attention to any mistakes you might have made.

Control your mobile email signatures

With Exclaimer, all mobile devices that send email get full HTML signature templates guaranteed. By optimizing your email signature for mobile devices, you will always maintain consistency across all users’ emails, no matter what device they’re using.

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