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The Top 17 Mobile Email Signature Templates

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If you only ever create email signature designs with desktop users in mind, we hate to say it but you’re wasting a lot of time. You are basically alienating over half of your audience by ignoring the mobile market. This is why mobile email signatures are important for your brand reputation.

People check their emails wherever and whenever they can now. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, we can all check our emails all the time. This can be whenever we are out of the office, eating our lunch, on our daily commutes, and even while we are lying in bed. In fact, more than half of all emails are now read on a mobile device.

With this in mind, you have to make sure that all of your email signatures are designed to be mobile friendly. There’s nothing worse than being creating a design that works perfectly on a desktop but then breaks when it’s read on a mobile device. This is why you always need to have a mobile email signature design in place.

Example mobile email signature templates

These templates showcase the mobile email signature and how important it is to remember to design your signature for mobiles.

  1. This template shows how the mobile email signature has to be short and concise.

    Mobile email signature example with limited contact details.
  2. This email signature template works perfectly on mobiles while still including relevant contact info such as phone number and business email address.

    Mobile email signature example with social media
  3. This mobile email signature template allows for the addition of a promotional banner.

    Mobile email signature with a promotional banner
  4. The iPhone is the most popular email client so email signature templates have to be designed for this platform.

    Email signature example that would work on an iPhone
  5. You don’t want to add loads of links to your signature. That’s why this email signature template includes only a minimal number.

    Mobile email signature with only a few weblinks
  6. The banner in this mobile email signature template is designed to be easily clicked on, taking the user to a dedicated YouTube channel.

    Email signature design that lets you click a banner on a mobile device
  7. A mobile email signature design has to be easy-to-read and as clear as possible like in this template example.

    Signature design with easy-to-read contact details.
  8. When designing your email signature template for mobiles, remember that large images can be slow to load and can cause serious formatting issues. Instead, use a smaller image like in this example.

    Keep your design simple for mobiles.
  9. This email signature example proves that you can include contact details, social media and HTML images without it looking too cluttered.

    Signature example with contact details, social media and HTML images.
  10. Another mobile email signature template with a promotional banner.

    Template design with promotional banner.
  11. This signature design has HTML imagery included to make the design more striking.

    Mobile email signature with high quality HTML images.
  12. A simple and clean design with minimal contact details and corporate logo.

    Mobile email signature template with logo and limited contact details.
  13. A different type of layout is used in this design. Contact details appear on the left and HTML images appear on the right.

    Signature with contact details on the left and images on the right.
  14. Your signature template has to look appealing, but also include relevant contact information. This design includes various ways to get in touch with the sender, a corporate logo and a few weblinks.

    Mobile email signature example with various contact details, images and weblinks.
  15. Social media is prominent is this email signature example and the icons will be easy for a recipient to click on.

    A template with prominent social media icons.
  16. An email signature template for mobiles doesn’t have to include images. This example just uses text to inform the recipient of the sender’s contact details.

    Text-based mobile email signature example.
  17. An HTML image plays the biggest part in this design. It accentuates the company’s brand as a result.

    An email signature template with a large HTML image.

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